Baby SDK is born!

We are going to present Baby SDK to 10 people exclusively.

Our current mechanism is to use Watson’s sentiment analysis on tweets, and make Baby say something based on the tweets data. Baby SDK is essentially the first “egg” of Baby.

It functions on the Web, as well as on smartphones. We are going to provide the sample code of Python and Processing, and TestFlight app for your iPhone. Based on these, it would be a very interesting experience if, for example, a child, could tweak the script to control Baby’s emotional expression or fiddle with its personality. It would also be fun to develop something in hardware too.

If you’re interested in Baby SDK, please contact, or let us via LinkedIn/Facebook (Search for Takahito Iguchi.) We are going to send the SDK’s link to 10 people only, so show us your enthusiasm for SDK, and impress the team DOKI DOKI!!

Hello Baby!!