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baby” is a voice chat communication tool that lets you listen to sweet voices of those around you, almost as easily as listening to music!

  1. Creating your account To get started, follow the steps below to sign up for a new account.

1.1 Tap “Sign Up” at the bottom of the login screen.

1.2 Email Enter a valid email address.

1.3 Password Enter a secure password.

2. Customizing your profile The next screen allows you to customize your profile. Enter each of the following fields: “Sex” , “Love Interest” , and “Message Recording.” (This is a pototype version, and you can ignore “Message Duration” feature for now.)

2.1 Sex Identify your gender.

2.2 Love Interest Select which gender you would like to send/receive messages.

2.3 Voice message This is the message that people around you can listen to. More details in the following section.

3. Creating your voice message You can record a 5 second long voice message. While “baby” app is up and running, your recorded message will be sent to people nearby you. Only people of your preferred gender will receive your message. When you are finished recording, tap “Back” to go back.

4. Receiving messages Tap “Save” to save changes to your profile. It will then automatically transition to the home screen and start receiving others’ voice messages. Enjoy! The stream of messages won’ t stop as long as you stay logged in. (A message will not be repeated — listen carefully! You don’ t want to miss any of them.)

Letʼ s make a move!

When you hear someone’ s voice message and you like what you hear, tap the screen. You can send a “Ping” to notify them that you like their message. A notification called “Ping” will be sent, and your message will jump the queue and be played right away.

Re-recording your message

You can change your profile and voice message by tapping the speech bubble on the home screen.

Enjoy! Have Fun!! :D

You can submit your participation request to “baby app testing group” on our Facebook page below:

World Wide Cloud Baby

All you need is a conversation


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DOKI DOKI, INC. CEO & Telepathy Fellow

World Wide Cloud Baby

All you need is a conversation

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