The Major Pros And Cons Of Using Yii Framework

Yii Framework Advantages & Disadvantages

In the massive market, where hundreds of web development frameworks are available, it becomes very hard to choose from. A framework should be productive such that any developer can use its feature to develop an efficient web page and applications. Of course, it depends on the developers how well he can manage and use the platform available for them.

Yii PHP framework development may not be the best, but it is the highly result oriented and the brightest open source framework available in the market. Everything on this mother earth has advantages and disadvantages. So, let us know about the pros and cons of Yii framework and know what makes it better than the other to be used and why you used even hire Yii developer.

Yii Framework Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It has CRUD generators that use Gii.
  • It provides the user with plenty options for layouts and themes for unique designing of the web page.
  • It provides Ajax helpers that too in a grid format.
  • Yii Development Company designed it in a way to free the developers from repetitive code writing.
  • It is the fastest available framework for developing large-scale applications. It’s seamless and faster performance make it suitable for developing forums, e-commerce frames, content and data management system, and much more.
  • Its architecture helps the developer to craft a smart website keeping its database servers isolated from the users and helps the developer to build effective and cleaner web-application.
  • Uniquely designed controller helps to link different libraries and packages, eventually decreasing the programming load from the developer. It is similar to the whole setup where you just need to make few changes as per your requirement, and the job is done.
  • Changes made in one line reflect throughout the program. Thus, saving you from hard work of making changes all through the program.
  • Yii framework development services have added the feature of security to protect sensitive data against the threat and thus maintaining the user credentials and data. Cross-site forgery and scripting and cookies attack preventions are some of the security features.
  • SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, Cookie tampering are some of the mechanisms related to security to cyber-attack.
  • The server and client based validation can be disabled or enables as per the application requirement.
  • It allows the third party interface, thus allowing different frameworks to be merged with Yii, making it more powerful than any other framework present today.
  • Smart caching and component-based structure format allows the developer to develop the application website with simpler and shorter codes, and also manage the traffic that might interrupt the server and slow down the website access.
  • It is capable of handling a large number of requests per second. This feature is seen very less in other frameworks.
  • It offers ActiveRecord for different SQL databases and the smart caching feature support systems such as Memcache, DB, XCache, and ABC.
  • With Yii, it gets easy to debug the program because of its simpler code format. Also, the OOPs allow the developer to add different extensions and widgets as per requirement.
  • Its larger community, allows every developer to connect from around the world and share their suggestions and problems to each other. This makes it a very powerful e-learning platform. As an add-on, Yii Development Company has set up a team of professionals that provides support to the developers and looks after the development of the framework.
  • It has additional features of role-based and built-in user control authentication making the developing part faster and easier than imagined.
  • Yii framework development services release a regular update of additional features.
  • Yii allows the addition of extension libraries, which makes structuring of larger web applications possible.


  • It doesn’t provide AR queries.
  • It doesn’t allow multiple relations built up.
  • The Ajax features are not well drafted or built, and so, developers have to use JavaScript when needed compulsorily.
  • Yii seeks a greater attention from the developer while developing the application, as one mistake and the program can get oversized.
  • Learning Yii requires quite enough knowledge about PHP language, programming skills, and about different add-on it comes with. Sometimes it gets boring and difficult for the beginners to learn from it.
  • It is largely dependent on the static methods, the one many of the developers stand against.

Should Yii be Used and Should We Hire Yii Developers?

The advantages of Yii outsource the disadvantages by a large scale. Some of these cons would be found in many of the available frameworks in the market. But the error-handling capacity, the larger modular framework, expandability, security against cyber-attack, plenty of structures and themes, controller supporting and managing so many database systems, smart caching system and much more are the features that every developer ought and dream for.

Then why to wait? Start Hiring Yii developers from today itself and build yourself a powerful web application. It can get messy while developing very large projects but otherwise it is one of the best.

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