Which Template Is Best For Your Online Business? Custom Design V/s. Readymade Template

Custom Design V/s. Readymade Template

Are you planning to enlarge your business? And you would like to get into the digital marketing. So your next step in digital marketing is promoting your business with a website. Owning a website boost your quality of your business and creates a brand.

A customer need not travel to your office and gather the details from you. He/she can see all the specifications of your products on your website. There on your website, everything is there to convey your message to your customers.

Now here comes the big dilemma while the business owners are about to create a website. The tug of war between the readymade template and the custom designed website. Any number of people do suggest that saying this and that. However, we are here to picturise both pros and cons in the readymade template and the custom designed website.

Readymade Template V/s. Custom Design

A customer will overview your store and get the idea about what he/she wants from it. A good relationship with your customers will expand your business.

Readymade Template

Contemporary world has everything instantly. We have instant food, instant products, etc. Likewise, we have ready-made templates available for business people. We are in a hyperactive mode to get everything instantly.

In the case of business and its promotion, we have to choose wisely. Readymade templates prepared as a model for your website’s framework and layouts in it. Out there on the internet, you have plenty of resources for a website is available.

It is a platform where the designers already built a website layout and kept for you purchase. However, the templates have its weak point. Many people around this world consume the same template as yours. So you have to pay some more bucks to get that template.

Pros In a Readymade Template

  • The affordability: Ther expenditure in hiring a developer to design is cut off. You can proceed anytime with this readymade template. The only thing you have to pay is, for integrating your website. It also has cost efficient ways for e-commerce, especially for the startups.
  • The support in Readymade Template: Many people around the world use the readymade templates. They have their blogs, forums, FAQs and lot more to solve your queries while using a readymade template. There is also some support available to customize your website with some codings.
  • Easy Friendly: The major benefit in this template is, whether they have a single product store or multiple product stores. The themes evolved is easy friendly to the users. Of course, the templates are perfectly apt to your business.
  • Adds on to the template: In case there is a lack of functioning, you need not worry. Just proceed with add-on and get into the relevant services.

Cons in a Readymade Template

  • The limitations: The greatest drawback in this template is, your skill in developing the website according to your business is lagging. There will be malfunctioning when the customer rate hikes to a certain point.
  • The Brand Fit: Every business man has an intention to represent their brand online. However, the template fails to represent your brand in an online platform. However, these theme is pre-owned by another person. The codings in a template are very poor. If you need additional codings, then you may have to purchase it.

Custom Design

In this custom design, you have to approach a Custom Web Design Services. The moment you decided to go with the website you need not choose a template. You can design and put your creativity.

You can build it from scratch and sculpt each part in your website. Only thing is you must own a domain name for your website.

Pros in a Custom Design

  • The functionality: The understanding and identifying the needs of customers you can sculpt your website accordingly. You can prefer your heart willing layouts and colors to your website according to the business needs.
  • SEO Friendly: The very prominent thing for every website. This alone ranks your website in the search results. The SEO experts will develop your website easy friendly to the search results. So your website will get higher rank in the search results. This is absent in the choice of a readymade template.
  • Control of the Website: The custom themes will give you complete control over your website. It is the better way to manipulate your website on how your website must appear. You can also innovate ideas to brand your products.

Cons in a Customized Design

  • The maintenance: If your heart is ready to go for custom design, then you must spend some more bucks to maintain your website. The cost varies according to the volume of the website. However, investment is for the benefit of your business.
  • Expenses: According to the demands of your website, the expenditure in a website varies.

There are pros and cons in both aspects in building a website the choice is yours. If you prefer to move with customizing your website, then you can approach a website designing company, or you can hire a designer.

Originally published at worldwebtech.wordpress.com on May 5, 2017.