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Apr 21, 2018 · 3 min read

In this blog we will tell you about the progress in the development of the World Wi-Fi platform. In particular, you will learn about the personal account of the router owner — distributor of advertising.

After registration, a personal account is available where the user can download the firmware (special software) and manage the router settings. The firmware installer will help to prepare the router to work with the service.

Then you will need to specify the number of your Cryptocurrency e-wallet. Please note that your e-wallet should support the ERC 223 standard (Ethereum) to receive WeTokens. You will be able to change your e-wallet address, email address, username and password in your profile settings.

Home page of the personal account

The information will be presented as intuitively as possible. Summarised information on the connected Wi-Fi hotspots will be displayed in the personal account of the user:

  • The total balance of tokens;
  • Token payroll accrual and write-off schedule;
  • Statistics of commercials views.

All services within the World Wi-Fi platform are paid in WeToken. Additionally, an opportunity to replenish the account and withdraw funds will be provided. Creating built-in exchangers for converting tokens into fiat money is under consideration now.

Note: You can only show ads on the World Wi-Fi platform if you receive an invite. An invite is a referral link associated with a user’s e-wallet in the system. You can use the root invite obtained during the TOKEN SALE to get connected to the system, or the basic invite provided by another user. After launching the platform anyone can get a basic invite on the World Wi-Fi site.

My Wi-Fi hotspots

The user of a personal account can connect an unlimited number of Wi-Fi routers, thus giving a possibility to earn more. Everyone can invite new users with their referral link and get a share from that user’s revenue.

Note: The referral program works according to the following scheme: All e-wallets transfer 25% of the cost of advertising shown on the router to those who connected them. This way, router owners are interested in scaling the system.

From your personal account, the advertising distributor manages the following settings:

  • Change the name of the point (SSID)
  • Set up a router to dispense a second (open) WiFi network
  • Change the available maximum speed for an open WiFi network
  • Personalize your ad content. If the router owner wants to limit the content of advertising displayed in his/her network, he/she sets additional restrictions on the website.

The advertising distributor’s personal account will contain as much information as possible about the whole system. Blockchain Ethereum is used in the World Wi-Fi project to solve the problem of possible data falsification, to control the fact of displaying of advertising materials, as well as to guarantee fulfillment of obligations on remuneration in favor of the router owner.

Blockchain is used to store reliable information about payments and accounts of users. Each transaction is serviced by a contract (deal). The deal actually plays the role of an advertising agency. It is necessary for both parties to be sure that the advertising budget will reach its destination and get converted into the planned number of displays. The WeToken smart contract guarantees that payments will be transferred as soon as the task set within the Deal has been reached.

World Wi-Fi Blog

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World Wi-Fi

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World Wi-Fi Blog

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