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May 7, 2018 · 5 min read

Why beautiful pictures and big words do not work as before. Advertising strategies are being developed, designers and PR are involved, the advertising budget is growing, but the effect is minimal and the customers’ response becomes unpredictable.

In many respects, it is the fault of advertisers as long as there exists that many ads now that the human brain has learned to filter unnecessary information. Sometimes in-your-face advertising is so aggressive that annoys and repels potential customers instead of attracting their attention.

Many shopping malls, fitness clubs, clinics, cafes, restaurants or hotels have a high-speed Internet access point. The Wi-Fi network is one of the most popular ways to use the free Internet. This is what customers are interested in while waiting for their friends, their queue or the ordered dishes. The only payment for such a service is a mandatory viewing of advertising.

Man of today values time as the biggest asset, and many of ads simply take it away and cause irritation. A clumsy message can result in a loss of potential customer, but not the influx. That’s why advertisers need to know exactly what advertising and where is to be offered to their customers in order to be effective. To understand why advertising is so annoying, it is worth analyzing the main mistakes of advertisers.


The Wi-Fi hotspot is tied to a specific location, which is definitely an advantage. To understand what and how is to be offered to a potential client at best, it is necessary to imagine what he would like to have at that moment, i.e. to predict his behavior.

The impact of this factor is better demonstrated through case histories. Assuming that the client is currently in the subway, and he has no mobile connection, it means that he is in a stressful situation, trying to recover it. Advertising in this case can be annoying. The opposite reaction can be observed in the restaurant. After the customer has ordered the meal, he is relaxed, waiting for the dish serving. It is at this point that the customer is calm, and the attention can be easily captured by making some good offer.


It is not always possible to clearly guess what the network user is thinking about by considering only geography.

It is necessary to understand why advertising sports goods in the Yoga Center does not give effect. The point is that the visitors of the center have long ago bought the necessary clothes and equipment, so all such offers fall into the “invisible” zone for this particular consumer. In this case, advertising vegan food in the café of the Yoga Center can give a tangible effect. The client is inspired by good results, sipping a delicious fresh, will not only pay attention to the advertising about vegetarian dishes delivery, but also make an order or remember about it at the right time.


There is no need to duplicate the information from the “Yandex” banner in the advertising messages on the Wi-Fi network. It is recommended for the advertiser to imagine that there is a chance to talk directly with the client but only for a couple of seconds. What should you do in this short time? Definitely, you should not try to tell about a product or a company. It is better to make a specific proposal to the user and to help to solve his felt need. An example of successful advertising can be an offer to order a pizza with a free delivery or to while away the time, waiting near the doctor’s office (online games are popular in medical institutions).

In marketing, there is an important concept of ‘unique selling proposition’ (USP) that affects the increase in demand for a product or service. When the user notices that you are trying to accommodate the interests of all and speak in beard, there is no specifics in the message, then do not be surprised that such a proposal will not spark interest.

USP should be concise and vivid. Your banner should answer the first question: what you’re selling, and the second one: where it can be purchased. Only in this case the message will bring the desired result to the advertiser. For example, if you offer to order a pizza, then make it possible for customers to do it as fast as one click. Do not give a link to the entire site with the extended menu, because the user may not follow your link in order to save time.


In terms of statistics, 99% of all Wi-Fi network users connect to it via mobile devices. Therefore, a clear and simple advertising offer should be adapted to this kind of equipment. A defected mobile version can provoke negative emotions, including irritation. The lack of registration through social networks and messengers can also alienate a potential client.


Even if you have taken all of the above errors into account, it is important to remember the psychology of consumption. When providing an advertisement, it is necessary to understand who is viewing it. Men are more rational, and women are more often guided by emotions and mood. According to statistics, most men order goods in the online store only for themselves, while women order for the whole family, relatives and friends. Marketers tend to make advertising more needful using the knowledge of these principles and thousands of more cunning nuances.

A surprise solution was found by the World WiFi project which creates a free Wi-Fi network based on private routers and ad views. Regular users connect to the WiFi network and have a free access to the Internet for viewing a small block of advertisements. Owners of WiFi routers, who give a free access to the Internet, receive rewards from advertisers. Advertisers, in turn, have reliable information about potential customers, and they are protected from bots and cheat counters visiting the site. The WiFi router at that has a certain location that shows exactly the whereabouts of consumers, and this is very important for targeted advertising. Probably this strategy of advertising will be the most demanded and most effective for marketers all over the world in the near future.

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