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Jun 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Testing and perfecting the interface of the future platform, we lost track of time. All of a sudden, it’s already time for our weekly digest! So let’s get right to the news.

Development updates

The first release version of our platform is coming out in the nearest future. There are only a few details we need to finalize before its launch.

This week we revealed two more elements of the future product so you could have an idea of how your personal cabinet is going to look like.

On the picture above you can see settings for advertisers. World Wi-Fi is going to provide a great environment for them, boasting a very high level of targeting available and an array of parameters to customize the campaign.

Also, our platform will allow advertisers to keep statistics of all connected access points. With this feature, they’ll have the data they need to understand how effective their ads are, change settings related to who the ads are shown to and the minimum price of accepted ads.

The Referral Program code is available

You know how developers say: «Talk is cheap, show me the code». So here it is, our Referral Program Smart Contract is on GitHub now. Stay tuned and check back our Github soon for new code – there is much more to come.

Thanks for your interest in World Wi-Fi project!

As always, feel free to join the discussion on our Telegram Channel.

World Wi-Fi Blog

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World Wi-Fi

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World Wi-Fi Blog

Our latest updates can be found here

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