5 Helpful Tools for Creating Educational Content for Mobile

You want to be the tech-savvy teacher? The one who uses the latest educational tools to keep learning fun and interesting for your students? Here is the cheat sheet!

We’ve put together a list of some great tools you can use to create engaging, unique, educational content.

Go Animate

With GoAnimate you can create unique animated videos on whatever topic you choose. To make a video, go into the large libraries of characters, props, music and backgrounds or make your own. There are even text speech actors in over 20 languages to voice your characters, if you’re feeling shy.

There is also GoAnimate for schools, with added safety features like teacher approval for downloading and sharing, blocked social media access and ‘school safe’ characters, props and language control.


Make those boring videos a thing of the past with Educreations. Their app makes creating dynamic videos simple.

Their ever expanding lists of features helps you add text, images, audio and additional supporting content to your videos and share them instantly.


Animoto is another great option for making engaging videos.

Their unique style templates make it easy to create high quality videos, just pick a template and add your own photos and videos. You can choose from a variety of music, fonts and styles to make your videos unique.


Structuring surveys and tests can be very time consuming, but JotForm makes it quick with their templates.

You can choose from thousands of templates for all kinds of forms and then adjust the text and formatting to customize them. The templates can be used for everything from tests and surveys to instructor and course evaluations, all with visual reporting and analytics built in.

All the forms are secured and there are lots of additional helpful features such as ways to attach files and payments to the forms.


For finding pre-made, interactive lessons on a large variety of topics, Oppia is the way to go.

Oppia has a large library of interactive lessons they call ‘explorations’. Each are designed to recreate the experience of one on one tutoring and help students learn by actively working. They are great interactive additions to any lesson plan.


A great feature in all these tools is how easy they are to use. This let’s you focus more on what you want to teach and not on how you’re going to teach it. Let the tools be your guide!

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