How to Create an Educational Mobile App

Apps are not only making their way into classrooms all over the world, they are becoming the new classroom.

The problem is, with so many apps out there to do everything from videos to file sharing to quizzes, how to you keep all your students on the same page? You need a white-label app, one that covers all your needs and lets you control the content your students are interacting with.

Whether you need it for a school, tutoring business or corporate training, we have put together the key things you need to do to create an educational mobile app.

  • User Friendly

How your students interact with your educational app is everything. Well, not everything, how the admin interacts with the app is also of extreme importance. Both users and admin need to be able to navigate the site with ease.

For users, They need to be able to understand all the tools and features. When they have to find content, it should be clear and easily accessible. When they have to take a quiz or watch a video, all tools should be effortless for them to use. The focus should be on the content they are learning and not learning how to use the app itself.

For admin, the use also needs to be easy to understand. Whether it is creating a quiz, uploading a video or sharing the content, the admin should be focused on the content they are teaching and not how to share it.

  • Engaging Content

Think of an educational app as interactive, not as a digital textbook. Use it to engage your students in a variety of formats. Utilize the options you have like showing videos and images, and interactive features. The content is essential to making the course effective, so it’s important to use all features as a way to communicate that content.

  • Solid Platform

Don’t waste your time and energy in development and programming. There are tools available that allow you to build an app yourself, easily and with no real programming knowledge. Look into platforms that not only offer apps but also online academies where students can continue their eLearning on their computers as well.

  • Conclusion

Don’t be intimidate to take the leap into getting your educational app made. The online classroom is growing and it’s time to open yours!