White-label Khan Academy (?)

Not too long ago, one of our founders responded to a Quora post asking about a “white-label Kahn Academy” for his business. This single post became a key driver of high quality traffic to our landing page. Not just in terms of quantity but it seems that our value proposition resonated with the people searching for such a solution.

We have a huge appreciation for the impact Kahn Academy has on the online education world but we see ourselves taking a very different approach and figured it’s worth noting some differences and commonalities in this post.

Technically speaking..

OK yes.

Yes we offer many similar services to what you will find on Kahn Academy from a user perspective: structured content, self paced learning, assessments, gamification and all that jazz.

BUT — Worldclass.io isn’t just a “white-label Khan Academy”. There are many differences, some almost philosophical in how we build the Worldclass platform.

Who owns the customer/user?

With branded, B2C companies (Khan, Udemy, Coursera etc.) this is an easy question to answer. Those companies aspire to build a consumer brand and leverage that brand to grow further and raise additional capital (even if they happen to be non-profits and aren’t revenue focused).

In our case, we are completely transparent to the end-user. Our customer is you, the educator. We want your students to think that cool app they’re using is made by YOU. This allows you to build your own brand and takes out the misaligned incentives that could occur with a P2P, branded marketplace (e.g. Udemy).

Our customer is not our user

We’re a for-profit company. Our customers are educators. In that respect, we’re more similar to LMS vendors (though Worldclass isn’t an LMS but that’s a topic for another post). Why is that important? Because B2C companies are focused on “making users click stuff” and care about the educators or content providers only to the extent it serves that end-goal.

Worldclass on the other hand is 100% focused on your satisfaction as a professional or for-profit educator. We know that the things that matter most to you aren’t necessarily identical to those of your users. You care about your brand, your revenue, distribution, control etc. You have a business to run and we’re here to help. Yes — we try to offer the best experience possible to your users but only to the extent.

In short — YOU are our customer and your users are yours.

My content is better than your content

With a centralised B2C approach to education there’s one ‘best’ algebra video, one best course to learn Ruby on Rails etc. Even with companies pitching adaptive learning and personalisation, the content units remain relatively linear and the atomic units of each course undergo editing and curation by a single entity. We believe this isn’t the way to go. Worldclass.io has a backend marketplace of content providers in place but we think YOU know what’s best for YOUR students. You’ve been doing this for year, you live in a certain geo, speak a certain language and share those delicate cultural nuances with your audience and we think this matters a lot.

So — instead of attempting to create the holy-grail, ultra, best, history course we let you bring your own content online and put it in front of your users.

You know what you’re doing

We find that across our user base, be it K-12, enterprise training, language schools or test-prep institutes — educators are educators. They are artists. They have an opinion and they want things done their own way.

This is why we’re building Worldclass.io as a canvas for education. An amplifier for that unique voice. We believe you know what you’re doing, you just need the tools to help you make your content more accessible, more fun and most importantly — we know you have no time to manage another dashboard so it’s a constant progress to make things more automagical.

So despite some similarities in end-user experience we take a very different path to shaping the future of education. We think the future belongs to millions of micro-educators operating in their own verticals, languages and geographies. We believe in a local to local mesh and not in centralised B2C entities.

Join us!

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