5 Easy Ways to Help Our Planet Using Your Smartphone Or Your Computer



No needs to repeat it again (maybe to Trump and climate skeptics?) but the world is in a bad shape, and thing are accelerating frantically for a few years. Overpopulation, Atmospheric Pollution, Trashes Pollution, or intensive farming and deforestation are killing our planet slowly but surely.


There are many ways to act (at least, at our fingertip) by changing our habits, just a little bit, to overcome and slow the destruction of our beloved planet.

I have already published 5 Concernings Facts About The Current Situation Of Our Planet that exposes majors factors that are killing our planet.

#1 First Habit to get (or to share with your family)

— Use Search Engines/Browsers That Acts For The Planet

1. Lilo, the Social & Environmental Search Engine


Lilo is a search engine like Google and Bing that “Give Meaning to your Searches” — With Lilo, your searches finance social and environmental projects without any cost.

Lilo is a powerful tool to use when it comes to acting for the planet.

  • Each search you make on Lilo gives you “Waterdrops”
  • You can “use” these waterdrops on any social/environmental project on the platform, and a small amount of money (generated by the ads during your searches) is giving to the project of your choice.

Lilo is also doing Carbon Offsetting of their own servers which mean that they have a positive impact on the environment while you are using it.

Lilo Official Website: https://www.lilo.org/en/

2. Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees


Ecosia is similar to Lilo, but this one is focused on planting trees at each of your searches. The benefit of using Ecosia is that you don’t need to do anything to let the magic happen. Simply search with this search engine, and they will take the rest in charge.

You can also freely consult their financial monthly report to see where’s the money is going and how much trees they’ve planted.

Ecosia Monthly Financial Report

If you want to install Ecosia for your family and they don’t really want to use the “WaterDrop” feature and give it to projects, Ecosia should be the best choice, because the only thing you have to do it doing searches.

— Ecosia is also doing Carbon Offsetting of their own servers which mean that they have a positive impact on the environment while you are using it.

Ecosia Official Site: https://ecosia.org

I know that Google is best when it comes to working with the web, but why don’t you install Lilo or Ecosia to your Parents/GrandParents computers? They will not notice anything, and each of their searches will help the world :)

#2 Second Habit to get —

— Select Sustainable/Ecology Content to Read and Share — And Cleanup your Social Network Feed.

Clean up your Social Feeds from your phone.

Browsing Facebook and Instagram is time-consuming every day, and our feed is often full of post that we don’t want to see anymore. I came to the conclusion that my Facebook / Instagram feed was full of shit. Therefore I tried as possible to “filter-out” (meaning, unsubscribe) all the pages/groups that are not valuable for me now.

And, I tried many as possible to join groups and like pages related to Ecology subjects. This helps a lot of those pages because they are gaining more followers each day, and this helps the cause of Ecology and their reach getting bigger.

Here some of the pages that curate some content related to sustainability and ecology you should follow on your Social Networks.

On Facebook:

  1. More Trees Less Assholes
  2. Sustainable Human
  3. Sustainable Living
  4. Sustainable Living Home
  5. World Green Alliance

On Instagram:

  1. World Green Alliance
  2. Climate Change Truth
  3. EcoQuotes
  4. SaveEarthToday

#3 Third Habit to get

Give Your Support to Individuals / Organizations /Companies that care about our planet.

You can help our planet by directly supporting (meaning following) people that are really acting for the planet.

A person that shares Ecology/Sustainable Content is already acting by raising awareness around him. You can do the same.

In order to grow awareness around those subjects, we should all rely on sharing content that helps convert more people into sustainability. That’s why by following the right persons, you can share content that will benefit from all your network. Don’t forget to follow/subscribe to Ecology/Sustainable content in order to grow the community.

To People — Influencers (5 Instagram Influencers about Sustainability)

To Non-profit Organizations (Full list by United Nation Environment Program)

To Companies (8 Eco-Friendly Brand that are Saving the World)

#4 Fourth Habit to Get —

— Invest your time reading and sharing Environment, Ecology & Climate-related articles.

Tree Root in the Forest

Because a bunch of information is published by professionals, you should also if you can invest some time reading environment /ecology/climate-related articles and share it with your network on Facebook / Linkedin / Instagram.

For me, there are 2 places to get the most valuable info.

#1 Medium Publications

Here are some publications you should follow:

  1. World Green Alliance (our publication!)
  2. Environmental Ideas
  3. Rainforest Alliance
  4. The Fourth Wave
  5. The Ecolo Guy — Dr. Jonathan Foley

#2 Flipboard Magazines

Flipboard is a good place to have daily curated articles about subjects of your choices. I recommend personally to set up your account with those 3 categories to have a good overview of Environment & Ecology areas.

  1. Select “Ecology Magazine”
  2. Select “Environment Magazine”
  3. Select “Climate-Change Magazine”

And you’re good to go to add more!

#5 Fifth Habit to Get —

— Get Involved In Giving Your Voice about Subjects that matters the most to you.

Try to sign-up every day to at least one of the following petition on these websites. They rely only on people signup to exist, therefore, giving your voice to those subject on a daily basis can help the most benefit from the crowd, and from your voice.

  1. Change.org — The World’s Platform for Change

Change.org has nearly 300 millions people that signed-up on multiple petitions, and they have victories every day on multiple areas.

2. Avaaz — The World in Action

Avaaz claims to have 53 million members worldwide (which is a lot) and it's a good place to sign petitions.

3. Causes — Support the people and causes that inspire you

Causes is the place to discover, support and organize campaigns, fundraisers, and petitions around the issues that impact you and your community.

You can also follow me on Medium to get curated posts and help me raise awareness around ecology & environment=> https://medium.com/@florentbarroero

Don’t forget to hit the “clap” and follow button at the end of this post to help us reach more people and raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues.

You can also share this post on your social network to help your friends get access to the list.

Thank you!

Florent Barroeo — Founder World Green Alliance.

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World Green Alliance

WGA (World Green Alliance) is a global movement that unites people that care about our planet.

Florent Barroero

Written by

Founder World Green Alliance | CEO BlockMeet | Ecology | Sustainability | Environment

World Green Alliance

WGA (World Green Alliance) is a global movement that unites people that care about our planet.

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