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Havasu Creek, Mooney & Beaver Falls

My last Vlog/Blog was about hiking into Havasu Falls and the beauty that awaits when you get there.

Well guess what? It gets even better!!! Beaver Falls, Mooney Falls & Havasu Creek take you away from earth as you know it and take you to a place of beauty you can only dream of..

Now Unfortunately when booking my camping in Havasupai I only booked one night and by the time I realised my mistake the following night had sold out! This meant I had to try and do all my exploring in one day which by all means was very tough but was so worth it as the sights that great you between Havasu Falls and Beaver Falls are truly out of this world!

Check out the below 8 minute VLOG on Havasu Creek, Mooney & Beaver Falls

Havasu Falls Campground

It’s easy to spend the whole day relaxing around Havasu Falls campground especially if you find a great bit of land to pitch up your tent.. Leaving the campsite just follow the river which will lead you to the first of two extra waterfalls to explore, the first being Mooney Falls!

Havasu Creek
Mooney Falls
To get down to Mooney Falls you have to go down an interesting passage of caves and chains!! A little dangerous but great fun

Not for those who are nervous of heights but so much fun.

To get down to Mooney Falls you will be climbing down through the rocks (yes through the rocks) walking down chains and climbing down ladders. It’s so much fun and as Havasu Falls is not busy or crowded you can go at your own pace to either make yourself feel secure or get those epic pictures!

There is also various ladders and climbing opportunities on the way down to Mooney falls which just adds to the great experience and takes the fun to a whole new level

Mooney Falls
Havasu Creek follows alongside the trail all the way to Beaver Falls

What I really love about the whole area is the colours! The water, the tree’s the shrubbery all are so drastic making it seem like a movie set to a Hollywood blockbuster. The picture above is taken whilst walking alongside the trail in between Mooney and Beaver Falls

The Trail gets even more fun with some make shift river crossings

The hike is really really fun, and is one for all the family to really enjoy!! There is multiple river crossings where you will get your feet wet and at various points you will find really unique bridges or make shift platforms just like the picture above! It really does make you feel like you are participating in Ninja Warrior :-)

Havasu Creek
At some points of Havasu Creek you need to get your feet wet to cross

After you reach Beaver falls you can follow the creek all the way down to the Colorado river, unfortunately I did not have the time within my stay so this is where my post will end.. (I will just have to come back and stay a few more nights)

Havasu, Beaver & Mooney falls are absolutely magical and if you are into the great outdoors, hiking and seeing something really unique and untouched by the modern world I strongly suggest putting the time and effort into making this a part of your future trips as the memory is something that will last a lifetime.

Beaver Falls at the end of the trail

Top Tips

  1. Your feet will get wet crossing the creek so either be prepared to constantly take your boots off and get wet feet or bring some kind of secure sandals or similar to make the crossing
  2. The climb up and down to Mooney Falls and to continue onto Beaver Falls is up and down ladders. Be aware and be safe. As long as you are sensible you will be fine
  3. Leave most things at the campground — You only need to bring water, a few snacks, towel, swimwear and water to really enjoy this
  4. Make sure you have you wrist band on as its checked when you get close to Beaver Falls by the Park Ranger
  5. Take your time! I only had one night in the park so Hike from the trail head all the way to Beaver Falls then back to the campsite in one day and I was exhausted come the end of the day! If you can make sure you book at least two nights camping so you can really enjoy Mooney, Beaver and Havasu Falls on your full day

Hiking to Havasu Falls
Havasupai Tribe Official website



A snapshot into my favourite hikes from around the world

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A snapshot into my favourite hikes from around the world