Hiking Bryce Canyon, Utah

Jan 24, 2021 · 4 min read

The Queens Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon Utah is the most stunning short hike in the world!…. End of post

​In all seriousness, this was the second time I had been to Utah, and I could not believe that I did not explore Bryce Canyon on my first visit. Whilst Zion National Park seems to grab all the limelight, Bryce Canyon has a uniqueness to it that simply leaves you breathless!

​Bryce Canyon is a park with overlooks & trails offering views of towering spires (hoodoos) & a natural amphitheatre.

Coming in from Las Vegas on Highway 89, you get to drive through the Red Canyon which gears you up perfectly to what awaits. Make sure you have time to park up your RV or car and tackle one of Red Rock Canyons hikes. I could not find too much information about hikes here so I took a chance and explored the Red Canyon trail, A few hours was all that was needed, and it was a great way to warm up before arriving in Bryce.

​Bryce is small but has a small selection of motel style accommodation, most having onsite diners. Although there does not seem a lot to do here, the locals seem extremely welcoming and I found it to be a perfect spot for a chilled evening.

​My top tip for all hikes is to leave nice and early to beat the crowds, and I stick by this for Bryce Canyon. First things first, in the morning Bryce Canyon is cold (I even had frost on my car) but as soon as the sun comes out the temperatures quickly rise.

The National Park website is essential to check before starting your day’s trail to avoid any disappointment. No one likes to arrive at a closed trail!

The Queens Garden Trail is a hike that is under two-mile, but I promise you that this will be one of the best short hikes of your life!

The trail starts with a steep decline with incredible views of the Hoodoos beneath. Corner after corner the views leave you mesmerised, and no one will blame you for this being the slowest two miles hike of your life.

If you are fortunate enough other trails will branch off from the Queens Garden trail so you can continue through the Hoodoos, however, if like me the other trails were closed on the day the trail simply comes to a dead end.

The Rim Trail

You do have the opportunity to cheat and drive to every viewpoint along the rim trail. Do not do this! The rim trail is such an underrated trail, and the best views always come from places a car cannot get to.

A day is enough to experience Bryce Canyon, as long as you set off at sunrise and plan your trails for the day ahead.

Do not miss Bryce Canyon when you are trekking Utah!


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