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Hiking the Peak District

When the boys and the dog decide to go for a stroll.

Peak District National Park is an underrated gem and somewhere I just had to visit . We created our own little route along Pennine Way leading us to Edale with the guidance of Poppy, our WorldHikingVlog guest hiker for the day

Jacobs Ladder

Wow this is a leg burner! I guess there is no better way to start a hike that to be 15 minutes in before a dramatic incline up Jacobs Ladder (we learnt the hard way why they call it a ladder!) .. Jacobs ladder really is the best way to start Pennine Way.

As you are coming back down and toward the village of Edale you will pass many sheep! To put it mildly the sheep have big balls and were not afraid of our little Poppy getting too close

When we arrived in Edale a pint was well in order! Right at the end of Pennine way is The Old Nags Head. Big beer garden, lots of hikers, lots of dogs, great atmosphere and more importantly a good selection of cold beer.

The route! As you can see we started outside of Edale and walked through it at mile 7! A lot of hikers will use Edale as a base but we wanted to make our own route! If you google Jacobs ladder then this will take you to point A! There is a sign about 1 mile from the start saying no access!! Please stop here and park your car! the rest of the way is for access to a campsite only and there is no parking.


We stayed about a one hours drive away from this hike at Windy Bank Hall Holiday Home just outside a tiny village! The accommodation was a real home from home with an optional hot tub and a BBQ area which was the perfect way to end our days hike.



A snapshot into my favourite hikes from around the world

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A snapshot into my favourite hikes from around the world