Nov 25, 2018 · 4 min read

The article was written by Worldopo community member @thedesignbrain

Hey Cryptophiles,

Awesome times coming ahead if you don’t mind the market volatility these days. To give a brief intro, I work in the advertising industry while being blockchain games enthusiast. That’s how I stumbled upon Worldopo. Being an avid gamer all my life, I used to wonder how gaming could be made productive and incentivize people considering the time spent playing the games. A real-world use case (games like America’s Army). Initially, it all started with the concept of how one could monetize playing games. And Worldopo is the stepping stone to the real-world implementation of monetized gaming for the new decentralized economy.

DISCLAIMER:- These are my personal opinions and not financial advice.

Now that I've got the disclaimer out of the way, I want to speak of blockchain adoption and why I think blockchain games are the best way of entry for the general people to understand and try the use cases of the blockchain. Games, being a form of leisure and entertainment, has an audience ranging from children to old people. Thereby accessible to almost everyone with a device. And when games and blockchain are married together, we get a trustless gaming platform (securing the game from hacks and cheat codes through transparency).

The recent release in the blockchain gaming space generally boasts about the usual.

1. Ownership/validation of unique in-game items
2. Creating a decentralized gaming economy where players can monetize their skills and progress
3. Secure trading mechanism of items between players

and so on. Games like Cryptokitties, Tron dogs etc require people spend money in-game and buy a unique looking cat/dog collectable which supposedly breeds with other cats/dogs on the network to create new ones which are worth even lesser in value. Considering all the hype these games had earlier this year, they have nearly died out inactivity. It's sad to know that people could only come up with games like crypto collectables with the technologies that are disposable at their hand.

Combining blockchain + Advertising

Blockchain made me realize the structure of centralization and monopoly in the advertising industry. This needed to change. Everyone should have the power to advertise and advertise what is right (in reference to bad practices in advertising eg. Depiction & Encouragement of lighter skin fairness for a prosperous life).

Enter Worldopo. The monopoly of blockchain aka Worldopoly. This is a unique city-building simulator with real-world GPS based google map implementation. Unlike most blockchain games, you don't need to invest/spend money to get started in the game. In fact, you can download the app today and start earning cryptos for free.

Developed by a bunch of Swiss and German developers, You are a crypto-lord/maker who owns/rents land and lets it out on rent/lease to earn rewards by building in-game mining farms and other infrastructures. In the current phase of the game development, all players are Cryptolords and hence its a rampage to acquire real-world territory to being the most powerful Cryptolord. The idea is to collect crystal (air-mining) through your camera using their Augmented Reality camera function in the game. Similar to Pokemon GO. Each crystal is about 20cents USD currently. One can use these crystals to buy plots of lands aka hexagons. These hexagons are mapped to real-world locations. Thereby accumulating more crystals, one could also buy buildings like Mining farms, Power grids, Hotels etc which can be placed on these hexagons. The mining farms are one of the coolest features of the game where we earn additional cryptos upon the construction of mining farms. This can help generate a passive income every day.

ROADMAP TO THE FUTURE:- Decentralized Advertising

This is where the Cryptolords/Makers can choose to advertise content in the areas they have captured with their hexes. The idea is to choose locations which have the most traffic per day; buy plots of hexagons; build advertising buildings; advertise yourself or rent it out to real-world third-party vendors who can incentivise you for hosting their banner. The advertisements will currently be seen through the in-game AR camera function. But let's imagine the scope for it in the future. With technologies like AR(augmented reality) glasses, it's only a matter of time that the world will be futuristic with advertisements floating in the air. Reminds me of scenes from the Blade-runner movie. And the beauty is in the blockchain implementation which allows individuals to access the advertising economy just by spending some time in the game.

To conclude, this is a game that earns you money for real-world use cases without spending a dime to get started. And the time you 've invested is worthwhile.

Hope this was insightful and feel free to check out


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