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The new work order in Worldopo

Dear Cryptolords!

We are continuing to unveil the new Worldopo Concept we are working on.
Today it is HR time!

In the current version, you need men of thee specialties: Workers, Scientists, and Criminals. In the new concept, they become Workers, Engineers, and Scientists, but from now on, you have to unlock certain professions to have the workforce for different buildings.

Low-level workers could be unlocked in your Headquarters. For the “Middle Class,” you will need to construct an HR Agency building. Hi-End specialists training will be available in the Universities — limited premium buildings, that could be bought for hard currency only.

However, do not worry! If you missed the opportunity to obtain possession of University, you could always order a training program for your employees from your fellow Cryptolords, who purchased one.

By training Hi-End professionals for other players, University owners can earn Worldopo hard currency.



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