Blockchain for Business Manifest

Technology has been an historical enabler for us to achieve a better life quality, be more connected and generate economic growth. Nevertheless, there are some areas in which technology biases our thinking process. Traditionally we think that there is no thing going faster than technology, however in the business area, it tends to be more of an operative component that holds us back and protect us. For example, when we think in business terms our mind takes us to think of alliances, business networks and, to take advantage of value relationships. On the other hand, in technology terms we tend to do the opposite; to close doors, retract lines, and to take care of the data even from ours. What if there was a technology that could keep up with the pace when thinking of generating alliances with independent entities and to digitize those business relationships in a trustworthy and economical way? Blockchain is the technology that came to revolutionize the way we make business. Think of a digital world in which your business partners can share information with you in a secure way without having to go through millionaire investments and projects that only increase your operative overhead.

Blockchain for business Manifest

In a world in which each time it’s more clear than doing things alone is not the way to get further, companies are moving to other paradigms.

Information enabled organizations, as some call them, will depend on low cost and easy to setup channels, but most of all, safe, for them and their peers (competitors included) around the globe to share information and knowledge in real time.

It’s not about hiding information or storing everything “just because it makes sense”, it’s about focusing on extracting value out of it; there is the real competitive advantage.

We cannot depende on “trust” to move to the next step. Intermediaries tend to be the first option when thinking of sharing information with the external world, increasing costs and barriers, thus we stop thinking of going “outside” and start to think in locking information up and getting more in “brute force” models. We shouldn’t. The real future for companies is collaboration, communication and intelligence.

Current companies cannot continue to be islands. In this digital world we tend to just digitize whatever already exists, missing the real opportunities. And that’s normal. Technology didn’t keep up with reality until blockchain entered the game.

The first organizations to understand this new way of thinking, will be the ones lasting for more than just a decade.

While the first ones start to change their paradigm to real “technology companies”, the others will follow.

This is the real power of Blockchain. Not cryptocurrencies, not the technology; the paradigm. Blockchain for business is about companies communicating and thinking of ways to access and explore information in the world in an easy and viable way.