Convector Docs Site Redesign ⛓📚

After the first few months of release, Convector reached more than 18,000 downloads. If you don’t know yet, Convector is a TypeScript based development framework for Hyperledger Fabric to create Enterprise Smart Contract Systems, based on a Model/Controller paradigm. We designed it, built it, and used it for our own projects at WorldSibu, after months of work, we decided to open sourced it, and the community reactions have been great!

We have seen people using it as the first blockchain-related tool they use to start with Blockchain, as well from people using it as an alternative to Hyperledger Composer. We want it to be agnostic, so that it can be a handy tool for any blockchain dev, and not just Hyperledger Fabric.

We initially released it with just a few docs to support it, but now it’s time to have a better documentation site.

So we worked out the information architecture and the visuals of There you can find one place to learn all about Convector!

After a few public and private hackathons, and feedback from developers and students from different parts of the world, we restructured everything up to better support your development journey based on interaction learnings.

We also have a whole section in this Medium Publication with resources and posts for beginners and expert developers.

Along with new docs site we are publishing an official logo for Convector! Feel free to include it in your project if you want to tell customers or coworkers what tools you use to build your Smart Contract Systems.

Tell us what you think of it. We are a rapidly evolving startup and so are all of our products!

About WorldSibu

We build a blockchain enterprise ecosystem, powered by an infrastructure management platform to deploy blockchain services with just one click for any blockchain tech on any cloud. We also offer free -open source- development kits for developers, enabling them to access blockchain and create apps that can be deployed through our platform. With this, we create a marketplace for developers and companies. Follow us in Twitter and Facebook.