Migrate from Hyperledger Composer? Let us help you!

Whether you are looking for free-open source resources or looking for technical professional help.

We have seen this pattern of people moving away from Hyperledger Composer a variety of reasons:

  • Looking to move into production-ready code.
  • Looking for a scalable solution for their smart contracts.
  • Looking for a more native approach to chaincodes.

Whatever your reason is, we have the help you need! Hundreds of developers have already migrated from Composer to Convector.

Convector is not another Composer. It’s a fully-featured smart contracts framework. It’s written in TypeScript and compiles to native NodeJS chaincodes. It also comes with it’s sister tool Hurley to streamline your development process and make the roll out of your env a matter of one command.

I’m a developer looking for free resources!

If you are a developer you will find Convector a bit similar to Composer (in the easy way of doing things), but much more scalable and natively architected.

As an Open Source community, you can find the resources and help for you to painlessly migrated.

Or simply get started by running:

npm i -g @worldsibu/convector-cli
# change the "myproject" and "product" 
conv new myproject -c product

Be sure to have Docker CE, Docker-Compose (for Linux-based OS), and Node 8.11.

I’m a company looking for professional support and help!

As a company, we have also migrated companies by providing development services and architecture guidance in projects, some even took just a few weeks.

We also have a set of paid platforms, from our Transaction Designer to our Infrastructure Orchestrator to deploy your solution to production with just one click!

You can reach us out in Discord or email.