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Dec 4, 2018 · 4 min read

The first day of the Blockland Cleveland Solutions Conference is about to end, and it’s been amazing showing the innovations we have built in the permissioned Blockchain space.

The most common reaction people have when knowing what we are building for the first time is surprise. People want to see what is possible in the blockchain, people want to see that they don’t have to be locked into one provider.

And that’s precisely what we are building, an open enterprise ecosystem. Due to people’s reactions, we decided to make a small post showing our core platforms so that people can learn more and contact us if interested in exploring opportunities.


Forma is our blockchain and cloud agnostic infrastructure orchestrator. What it does for permissioned networks (a blockchain network dedicated to business networks) is enabling customers to install all the complexities from the infrastructure underneath the blockchain. Cryptography, servers, containers, disks, networks, all the tech stuff nobody wants to deal with.

It makes infrastructure as easy as a Software as a Service (just click and fill web forms) but as transparent as a Bare Metal offering (you own your infrastructure).

Unlike a BaaS (blockchain as a service) offerings, it actually lets you, the blockchain participants, own the infrastructure, instead of us holding it from you.

Let’s say you are working along with other companies and you are thinking of building a blockchain platform for all of you. You will need the smart contracts and all, but they have to live somewhere. You want control of your infrastructure, you want to be sure that the data there is secured, and that no single authority can modify things. So, each company brings their infrastructure, connect them to Forma, and networks can be created.

This enables plenty of surprisingly innovative scenarios. But it’s just the infrastructure, which is needed but doesn’t really shows how blockchain works. This is the kind of platform you first want to have in your toolbox.

Target: companies building blockchain networks, developers deploying their applications, consultancy agencies looking for agnostic platforms to provide to their customers.


To actually understand blockchain you need to see an application. Tellus is our first product and is being used in some interesting use cases.

It is our Transaction Designer, instead of coding things up, you only drag and drop based on your business needs.

Transaction designer UI.

The logic is pretty straight forward, transactions usually require multiple steps to complete, for instance the manufacturing one (it was actually created by one of the visitors of our booth in Startup Valley) is a three steps transaction. You just create stages with a form, and drag and drop the order it makes sense for you.

You can then assign forms to each stage. Forms are data structures the business network agrees to comply. Those are easily built through a flexible form. Again, no need to code.

Form designer can include simple properties like numbers, texts, and boolean types, but also complex ones for more advanced users like developers.

Click save and you have your application ready. We even auto-generate a UI and an API for customers to test the logic out. This is a separate UI so that you don’t have to wait to integrate with your systems to see if your design is okay.

Right after designing things you can start executing transactions directly to your network.

With Tellus you can iterate as much as you want, but you never have to change the code. It is great to explore use cases, to change and break things, and not having to invest $1,000,000 in doing so.

This is what blockchain looks like! Rules, agreement, and business processes. Tellus is like an app running on top of the infrastructure made with Forma. Just like a smartphone is infrastructure and apps provide the actual value.

Target: consultancy agencies, blockchain developers, development companies, customers looking to easily create innovations for blockchain.

Wrap up

The Blockchain is a transformative tech, but you need the right tools to harness it. We are building them so that your business networks can thrive.

Are you at Blockland this week? Let’s meet!


A unified development platform to create and deploy enterprise smart contract systems.

Thanks to Diego Barahona.

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The Enterprise Blockchain Development Platform​. A unified development platform to create and deploy enterprise smart contract systems.



A unified development platform to create and deploy enterprise smart contract systems.