Top metrics for Convector after 5 months since launch

This is a small post to wrap up the first 5 months since we decided to open source Convector. We decided to create it for our own development journey, we drove it to a mature state, and since then a lot of people have downloaded and used it for their JavaScript chaincodes for Hyperledger Fabric.

Top Metrics

More than 20,500 downloads, around 7,000 users, and 89% of users are returning users. Statistics gathered from NPM public site and Convector CLI statistics.

Also the Discord community has over 90 participants and we have people from around 15 different countries. Join the chat here!

Top News

A redesigned and improved DOCS site.

We also created the first versions of the official Command-Line Interface for Convector.

We published the first Convector Knowledge Base based on community feedback.

Executed the first Official Hackathon.

Delivered a few Webinars in spanish.

And last but not least we created the first Issue of the Monthly Newsletter a few days ago.

A special thanks to all the community members using, creating content, and improving Convector day to day. It started as a crazy idea to return to the community and it has grown to be a great Open Source project!

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