Design process


In the beginning of the first cycle I chose the design portion because I wanted to build something as quickly as possible, so the first thing I did was to look at multiple app designs on dribbble and see which ones I liked best and which color combinations I would like to see on the application. After some research I came up with three logos and an app name, Gains.

First logo designs

I then showed this to my teammates and after discussing the main goal of the application, we saw that the name did not fit the main objective of the app which is to stretch and guide you through your workouts but not necessarily aid muscle gain like the name would suggest.

After some deliberation, the name TrueFit came up, fortunately my teammates like one of the logos and the color scheme I chose.

TrueFit current logo

After the colors and logo were decided on, we started the work on our sketches and based on those I made the wireframes.


My initial goal on the exploration was to create an Interactive Prototype of the application but I thought of that as the final product of the entire course, for now we focused on Wireframes so that we have a good idea of how the app should look like.

We thought that whatever the user is going to do in the app, it should be intuitive and effortless, the application should not get in the way of the user’s main goal: workout.

TrueFit wireframes

So far we are quite pleased with how the application looks but we still want to improve it as we get to understand our users better and better.