The Mock-ups are here!

In the first cycle, our group was focused on Wireframes, just because we wanted to have an good idea how the the app should look like. We managed to create something. During the meetings with users, we gathered all the impressions and opinions. We perfectly knew that we need to change the design to be more colorful and intuitive. That’s why we decided to prepare some Mock-ups with nice layout.

The question maybe is why exactly Mock-ups? Let me explain you. By looking a Mock-ups, we all can get a good idea of how the final product will look and a basic idea of how it might function. It allows to the users to know this, even if the code for the product is still not completed. That means it can be a big benefit to help analysts and stakeholders identify problems early on. Of course, it is easy to make any changes, before starting implementing the whole software system. And actually my personal view is building mock-ups enhances some learning new things, which you haven’t touched before. For instance, how to make an animation, using pictures and stuff like this.

In the same time, each technique has some negative impacts. For example, Mock-ups can be expensive. If your budget is not big enough, creating mock-ups can be a problem. Other thing is sometimes it takes a lot of time. Actually, for some people may look it is nice, but to be colorful and good-looking you need to spent some time to build it. With other words, constructing Mock-ups may be complicated to do. And Mock-ups often can be too generic.

Even though this, below you can find our examples of Mock-ups. With them, we created a prototype for the test to understand if we managed to come up with better version. Check the available videos with the tests.

We believe in the last cycle the design of the app will be fully completed!