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Microsoft Surface Duo running WVD!

The launch of Microsoft Surface Duo received a lot of attention! In case you missed the announcement videos, check out the Surface Duo landing page!

The first use case I, and many other in this space, though of was: the ideal portable WVD Client that you can take literally anywhere! Work on-the-go!

The Surface Duo is not available for purchase in every region. But having so many fellow technology geeks working at Wortell, you can always count on someone who manages to succeed! And so here we are! Thanks to Maarten Goet for arranging 2 of these devices to allow us to demo and test drive!

So the main question; does the Surface Duo make for a great WVD client? The answer is yes! There was of course a reason why the WVD client for Android needed to be shipped fast, the Surface Duo is based on Android.

So, here is the WVD Client from the Google Play store in action on the Surface Duo! On the left hand side we have all of our apps installed on the device and on the right hand side we see the Remote Apps and Desktops inside the WVD Client!

And here is a Full Desktop Session in action where you can clearly see the big advantage of the Dual Screen. While being in a full desktop session on the right, we still have direct access to other apps on the left running on the phone.

If we turn the device we can also use the WVD Desktop in landscape, which of course makes more sense for a full desktop session.

And guess what! If we connect the Surface Duo via USB-C, we are running the WVD Desktop on our large screen! Doesn’t that remind us of Continuum via Windows Phone? 😉

Here is a really quick video of the Surface Duo in action. This was of course only our first quick test drive. Can’t wait to test others scenarios in more detail soon! Stay tuned for more Surface Duo fun!



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