A healthier coffee mix without the jitters

I have found a mixture of superfood coffee and creamer that is damn good, keeps my energy sustained, and I haven’t suffered from the jitters.

I will warn you that this mix is also a bit exotic — coffee usually doesn’t involve turmeric and mushrooms.

The Mushroom Coffee is from Four Sigmatic.

The Turmeric Creamer is from Laird Superfood.

I mix both grounds into a cup.
Add roughly 10 oz of hot water and mix it up
Yellow Magic Coffee!

Sipping on this gives me a flow of focus for several hours without feeling like I am on amphetamines. I won’t lecture you on the health benefits of each ingredient, but I can tell you I feel fantastic with this combo.

This flavor combination is my favorite, but you could try out your own combinations from the wide varieties from both Four Sigmatic and Laird Superfood and start feeling like…

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