Airbnb understands category design

I haven’t been on Airbnb in a a few months and during a recent rental search, I discovered a freshened-up homepage navigation centered around experiences.

I then had a moment to myself. Wow, AirBnB is the marketplace for experiences. They have created a new category for themselves.

I love how each experience detail page has an itinerary overview and a short video to give you a glimpse of what you and yours will encounter. There is a lot of research supporting that the anticipation of a trip gives us just as much happiness as the actual trip. These experience pages sure have packaged up that happiness in a brilliant design that users will share and reference many times before the experience takes place.

On AirBnB, we have booked a place to stay and now we will book entire experiences.

A good marketplace is driven by good suppliers. Each one of us has access/ideas and an appetite for providing and buying great experiences. Now there is a marketplace providing incredible opportunities for “Experience Entrepreneurs.”

It is simple and brilliant.

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