Finally! Healthier tacos…

I live in Austin, TX. We are known for our abundance of tacos.

However, if you eat an abundance of tortillas, it isn’t the best for your physique. Until now!

I just discovered a product that is a paleo tortilla, and I think you actually step up the quality of your taco by using them!

The product is SIETE Amazing Grain Free Tortillas. My favorite is the almond flour option above. These have the same texture as flour tortillas, and I actually think they have a better flavor.

  • Heat up the tortillas on a cast iron or in the microwave — doesn’t take long.
  • Make tacos for your friends.

Here is an overview of a Salmon Taco I make with these tortillas. My friends rave about them.

Cook some salmon with salt and pepper.

Make a healthy sauce that includes tahini, mustard, smoked paprika, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and a dash of water.

Chop kale and turnips for garnish.

Salmon + Kale + Turnip + Sauce + Healthier Tortillas…Boom!

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