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Charmin Dips Their Toe In Tech at CES

Source: Proctor & Gamble

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has lost a little bit of its excitement in the last couple of years due to the big tech companies opting to host their own events instead. But Charmin definitely added some interest this year.

Not a typical company you’d expect to present at a tech summit, Charmin used the opportunity to unveil three new product ideas, though they’re not available to the public yet.

For those who hate getting stuck on the toilet with no toilet paper, Charmin is here to save the day with Rollbot. This little self-balancing rolling robot with a cute bear face connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to come to the rescue with a spare roll of TP when you need it.

Smellsense was the most useless product of the three, in my humble opinion. This thing is a predictive electronic sensor that tells you if the bathroom is too stinky to go in yet. But it doesn’t neutralize the smell, it just tells you it stinks and to wait a little longer. But like… our noses can do the same thing?

The V.I.Pee is the largest of the products. This “premium” portapotty uses Oculus Rift S VR technology to get rid of some of the FOMO you feel when you have to use the bathroom during a fun experience, such as a concert or music festival. The VR tech can transport you to the front row while you go so you don’t miss out on anything. I could see this being a huge hit, but I could also see it making bathroom lines even more annoyingly long than usual.

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