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Corporate Twitter Got a Little Weird

When Netflix tweets, “what’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?” things are bound to get a little funky.

It seems like so many brands are catching onto what people really want from Twitter, and they’re following in the footsteps of the OG Twitter troll, Wendy’s.

People had a field day with the responses brands had for Netflix. Brands that I didn’t even know had a Twitter presence had something to say.

Here are a few popular ones:

There are so many other NSFW responses that I’m not even gonna put here, but if you feel like checking out the whole thread, you can find it here: https://twitter.com/netflix/status/1202669582407782400

While tons of people appreciated the humor and dirtiness, some were put off by certain brands’ participation. For example, in response to Grammarly’s tweet above, someone said, “Not you, Grammarly. I respect you.”

Other users were also quick to point out missed opportunities for X-rated puns.

Overall, a weird couple of days on Twitter. Did some brands take it too far? Maybe. But did we appreciate cringing and seeing these random brands come out of the woodworks to try to fit in? Absolutely.

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