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Create an Empathetic Customer Experience on Black Friday

Empathy is critical to creating a positive customer experience, and that is never more true than on one of the biggest shopping days of the year — Black Friday.

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, bargain hunters and retailers traditionally forgo a lazy day of emerging from tryptophan ODs to engage in the Super Bowl of shopping.

Falling on November 26th this year, Black Friday 2021 promises deals on everything from tech to clothing to food items, with almost every retailer out there getting in on the fun. And while Black Friday was traditionally reserved for in-store savings, the explosion of eCommerce means customers can get the same deals (or even better ones) online as well.

Thanks in part to the holiday shopping season, many retailers bring in a huge chunk of their revenue in Q4. If you want to end the year on a high note (and of course you do), Black Friday is an event you simply cannot ignore.

Creating a great customer experience on Black Friday

With their wishlists in one hand and credit cards in the other, Black Friday shoppers will be chomping at the bit for massive deals that will make their holiday dreams come true… and they do NOT want to be disappointed.

Are you ready?

Here are a few ways to make sure your business is prepared to handle Black Friday without compromising your customer experience:

  • Get your website up to speed. Any business offering Black Friday deals can expect to see a spike in web traffic. The bad news? You can bet customers will bail if your website stalls out on them before they get a chance to hit purchase. Ensure the performance of your site by checking its speed ahead of time with this free tool from Google.
  • Be ready to deliver. With the recent supply chain shortage and USPS cutting back on deliveries, getting your product to your customers may be the biggest Black Friday challenge this year. Manage expectations and be upfront about your shipping policies and delivery times. Also consider allowing customers to order online and pickup in-store to get their orders in their hands faster and circumvent shipping woes.
  • Have all hands on deck. With the high volume of Black Friday orders coming in, it’s safe to assume that customer service requests will also increase. Bring in extra staff and make sure all representatives are fully trained and prepared for the busy times ahead.
  • Measure your success. Black Friday and holiday campaigns require a lot of time and effort — don’t forget to make sure it’s all paying off. Make sure to monitor your KPIs throughout the customer journey so you can see what’s working and where adjustments need to be made to help your bottom line in the future.

How to be empathetic with customers during Black Friday

Black Friday is about scoring deals and boosting bottom lines. But if you neglect your CX, it’s all for naught.

One of the key factors to providing a positive customer experience is customer empathy. In simplest terms, customer empathy is the same as normal empathy, just from a company perspective: the ability to understand another person. If you feel empathy towards someone, you know how they’re feeling, and can see their point of view.

There are many ways your business and customer service representatives can practice empathy to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and — ultimately — your profits:

  • Avoid 100% automated customer service. It’s hard for customers to feel they’re being heard when the only communication they have is with a robot. Human connection is important. When a customer forms a bond with a CS rep through real conversation, they are much more likely to leave the interaction feeling that their needs are being met.
  • Train your customer service reps. Unfortunately, most people aren’t expert empathizers. Conduct formal training with your reps on how to express empathy by making a connection while avoiding judgment or a negative attitude.
  • Listen to your customers. Instruct your reps to actively listen while the customer fully explains their problem. Have them use empathy statements, and repeat the issue back to the customer using their words so they feel understood.
  • Arm employees with the right tools. Empathy can be as difficult to learn as it is to teach, but there are tools that can help. Empathetic AI is an incredible asset to help employees scale their natural empathy with far less effort.
  • Lead with empathy. In order for your customer service reps to show empathy, your company has to embrace it and lead by example. When leadership is customer-focused and empathetic, employees will follow suit.

Why is customer empathy important during Black Friday?

Customer empathy is always important, but on Black Friday it’s essential. This time of year will likely bring peaks in web traffic and revenue for your business, but it could all go very wrong if your customers are unsatisfied with their experience.

Black Friday gives you an opportunity to bring more customers to your site. It’s up to you to make sure your CX is flawless so they keep coming back.

Are you ready to lead with empathy and take your customer experience to the next level? Keep reading with our free eBook, Companies Leading Through Empathy to see how it’s working for some major companies.

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