Facebook Opens Its First Retail Shops

It has been announced that Facebook will be opening its first ever “pop-up stores” inside of 9 different Macy’s locations. According to Charisse Jones of USA Today, these pop-up shops will “give dozens of small businesses their first perches in a nationwide chain.”

Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/11/06/facebook-opens-first-ever-pop-up-shops-macys-across-country/1901603002/

Beginning this month and through December, approximately 100 different businesses will get to showcase their products at these 9 Macy’s stores all around the United States.

Jones added, “Besides giving entrepreneurs that primarily operate online the chance to establish a real-world footprint and exposure to new customers, the pop-up shop also reflects Macy’s efforts to offer unique brands, experiences, and concepts that could woo shoppers who increasingly prefer to shop online.”

It will be interesting to see the effect these shops have for both the small business owners and for Macy’s. Will they be able to increase the number of shoppers that step foot into Macy’s?