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Peacock Is a Streaming Service for the People

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There seems to be a subscription service for literally everything you can think of. I literally just received my subscription razor box in the mail yesterday. It can become very expensive very easily, very quickly. So when NBCUniversal announced that they would be launching yet another subscription service, I was like, “great, another service to spread content onto and shove my money towards.”


Peacock is doing something different and more customer-centric that can alleviate some of the financial burden from their customers but still give them the content they want. What are they doing, you ask? Not only are they offering a 7-day free trial, as is the usual, but they are also offering a 100%, permanently free option.

This free option is not some rinky-dink option that no one actually wants. It includes 2/3 of their 20,000-hour catalog. This catalog includes some seriously popular shows and movies, like the beloved The Office. This is supported by ads.

While ad-supported video on-demand (AVOD) is not a new idea, and it is especially popular since the pandemic started and people want as much content as possible. But it usually has a decidedly subpar quality. I.e. you know why it’s free.

Peacock is providing the best of both worlds. People really don’t hate ads, they just hate when there are too many. Apparently, if there are less than 7 minutes of ads per hour, and the price is reduced or free, it’s worth it to them. Peacock is giving you both options. If you want to pay to get rid of ads, you got it. If you’re willing to watch some ads and lose 1/3 of the content (which really isn’t that much), they’ll give it to you for free.

This may signal the future of streaming where you give customers the agency to choose how they want to pay for their services, whether with time or money.

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