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Recent Study Finds The Major Weaknesses of the Women’s Fashion Industry

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This month, marketing technology company, Customer Portfolio, conducted a detailed investigation into the experience of customers of 10 major women’s fashion companies. The 120-page report reveals the areas in which these brands, including Ann Taylor, Lane Bryant, and Chico’s, among others, succeed, as well as where improvement is crucial to increase customer experience. Ten major customer experience touchpoints were measured, among those are email sign-up, return to store, purchase process, and digital advertisements.

Results revealed that none of these brands were especially exceptional, in either a positive or negative light, in terms of customer experience, with the scores out of 100 ranging from 41 to 66. While most brands succeeded in brand consistency across all platforms, they lagged behind when it came to factors such as personalization, optimal email reach-out, and omnichannel, or the integration between multiple shopping platforms.

The study showed that while the brands are killing it when it comes to creative aspects such as branding, they are falling short in terms of the more concrete, logistical components of customer experience; they grab the customers with the idea of a great company, but they fail to wow the customers who come to them by providing a lackluster buying experience and a lack of engagement.

Using the feedback from this study, brands have a pretty good roadmap of where they can invest their time and resources to increase customer experience. Some of these steps to take may include finding the sweet spot of emails per month, launching a mobile app to make the buying experience available at your fingertips, and creating opportunities for personalization both during in-store and online shopping experiences.

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