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Unlocking the Power of One-on-One Conversations with Customers via Worthix 2.0

Are you frustrated with the limits of garnering broad customer insights through feedback boxes, generic surveys or focus groups? Don’t fret, there’s a better solution now available that can be completely customized for your organization, whether your customers are dispersed in regions across the country or all over the globe. Customers want to know that their voices are being heard. Once a consumer participates in a focus group or completes a feedback box, the engagement between them and the company quickly ends.

We know both customers and companies deserved better, which is why we launched Worthix 2.0. By incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), companies can garner valuable customer feedback through one-on-one conversations driven by the customer. When customers are empowered to take charge of these conversations, we’re able to answer the most important question all companies want to know: How do customers make their purchase decisions, and what are the key drivers behind those decisions?

Worthix 2.0: Capturing the Entire Customer Journey

Through our AI system called LUCI (Listen, Understand, Converse, Improve), we empower the customer to lead the conversation in their own voice and language, which provides a superior understanding of how consumers perceive your brand or product and ultimately, the “why” behind customer decision-making.

Through new NLP updates, conversations now dive deeper to identify what the customer deemed “worth it” when paying for that product or experience. Our powerful technology affords us the opportunity to gain deep customer insights — more so than ever before.

All of that essential feedback is then captured and filtered through the new Worthix 2.0 platform, which includes the Worthix Decision Lab, a place where companies can identify elements of a brand experience.

The updated display incorporates easy-to-read data through new dynamic graphics and charts, both of which maximize the actionability of the data and insights.

Worthix 2.0 also includes an updated Competitive Landscape display which not only reveals which competitors are mentioned most often, but also which competitor should be considered the greatest threat based on LUCI’s analysis, helping companies get ahead of potential disruptions and ensure market dominance.

Furthermore, by leveraging the new Worthix Decision Lab, companies can also simulate different actions to determine predictive insights.

“The healthcare industry is changing rapidly, with emerging technologies transforming the market and patients’ expectations every day,” said Jonathan Sachs, VP of patient experience and foundation, Adventist Healthcare. “By using the Worthix 2.0 platform, our organization has been able to identify the actions which will make a significant impact to our patients across locations and groups, allowing us to improve our patient experience and provide the cutting-edge offerings which matter most to them. It has been especially valuable to receive continuous feedback from patients on how the changes we make are being received, so we know we are always on the path to providing better care.”

Customers can simulate different actions to anticipate how customers might react depending on company changes and how those changes could impact revenue.

Are you considering changing the amount of sauce used on those spicy wings? How about the possibility of adding more “pick-up only” or curbside parking spots outside of your stores? The Worthix Decision Lab will tell you whether the changes you expect to incorporate will be “worth it” to customers.

These powerful insights not only capture the entire customer journey, but also provide an in-depth look at your customers’ behavior, accounting for the significant changes depending on geography.

The Behavioral Concept that Matters

Worthix 2.0 takes our existing product a step further and enables companies to identify the external influences and mechanisms to pinpoint the exact reason behind a purchase decision. For example, we can see firsthand how social proof plays a role in the customer journey.

Earlier this year, we released the findings of a joint report with UGA’s Masters of Marketing Research Program, “The Disruption of Reality as We Know It,” which identified how customers and their purchasing behaviors changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Interestingly but not surprisingly, we found that social proof became more important. That is, most of us turned to our peers to validate our choices.

Because of these findings, we incorporated new questions into our technological capabilities to address brand and campaign perceptions around social proof.

“We are so excited for the next evolution in the Worthix platform. Cariuma utilizes Worthix to deeply understand where to invest and prioritize based on real customers’ detailed feedback on what drove their purchase, what they love about Cariuma, and also what we can improve to make their experience the best it can be,” said David Python, Co-Founder and CEO, Cariuma. “We are actively using our findings to make Cariuma as great as it can be, which is such an invaluable asset for a growing brand at our size and stage. Cariuma looks forward to continuing to utilize the new Worthix platform during this exciting time!”

Ultimately, we know customer perceptions are constantly evolving, and we are constantly assessing the market to inform and enhance the Worthix 2.0 platform. With our finger on the pulse, we’re able to unlock deeper customer insights now more than ever before. To learn more, book a demo today and begin unlocking powerful data to help your organization grow, meet business objectives, and thrive!



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