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Walmart Converts Their Parking Lots to Drive-In Theaters

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While the Tribeca Drive-In summer movie series has already started in select cities across the country, giving people a fun, socially distant way to have fun, a partnership with Walmart is here to expand these efforts.

The demand for drive-in movies is higher than it’s been in decades, but the number of drive-in lots isn’t enough to accommodate this demand. Walmart decided to put their underutilized parking lots to good use by offering up the space to offer more opportunities for contact-free entertainment. This will run from August to October.

Though the exact lineup hasn’t been announced yet, their collaboration with Tribeca will feature 320 showings of family-friendly movies. They also mentioned that there will be guest appearances by stars and other celebrities. Guests will also have the option of having concessions delivered to their vehicle or curbside pickup of movie supplies upon arrival.

With the addition of 160 parking lots, Walmart will be increasing the number of drive-in theaters in the United States by 50%.

Not a bad way to make the best of a pandemic that’s forcing you to pivot.

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