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Walmart Rolls Out New Voice Assistant App, “Ask Sam”

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Walmart officially rolled out their new voice assistant app called “Ask Sam” that benefits both customers and employees. With this app, employees can seek out information to help customers such as store maps, prices, product location, and real-time emergency alerts.

This was designed to give employees more confidence in customer interactions as well as more time on the floor with the customers. Walmart’s Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Ming Chee said that Ask Sam was created “as an additional way to help associates find the answers they need to do their jobs effectively and better serve customers.”

While this app is only available to Walmart employees, not customers, it will have a strong impact on the experience that customers have, including less time waiting on answers from managers and smoother interactions with employees.

The app can also share real-time updates about COVID-19 with employees.

Ask Sam is currently in over 5,000 Walmart locations around the country.

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