Idea #2 — Paperless Receipts

Tl;dr: App that you’ll be able to sell to supermarkets and other stores so their consumers can have their receipts delivered to that app, saving a lot of money on paper.

The App

Simple app where the consumer would register with their fiscal information and address, etc. The user would receive the receipt in the app along with a notification after a purchase on associated stores. He could also see all his purchases both on the app and on the app’s web platform.


You’ll need to have a backend API to communicate to with the app and also do some custom work for each client integrating your solution into their system. This will allow for a receipt to be instantly send when a customer makes a purchase and provides the cashier with their app code.

Of course this technical solution is just one that I came up with, but there might be a much better one to improve customer experience. I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

Business Strategy

I would start with medium businesses. Change a monthly fee, high so you can get started with just one or two clients and go from there.

The end goal would be to have clients like Costco and Walmart; big store chains. But to start I would go with a state wide store, this way you could meet the owners, sell them the idea/prototype and work closely with them to improve.

As far as monetisation I would start with a monthly fee for these smaller clients and for the big ones you could do a price based on the number of receipts sent per month.

Selling (to your clients)

Here you can go with three main benefits for their business: it’s “green”, it’ll save them money and it’s the future.


Obviously people get a digital receipt and threes won’t be killed to make paper for that receipt. Most business executives won’t care about this, but what they’ll care is the image the business will have by adopting this “green” feature.


I would price this product at about 30% of their monthly cost of paper for receipts. This can be a hard thing to find out, but you have two options:

  • Make acquaintance with someone inside one of your target clients companies who can straight tell you;
  • Ask your first client; this one might seem awkward or hard, but it’s good to be straight forward and honest with the businesses you’re working with.


This one is easy. Everyone has a smartphone and doesn’t make sense to cary and keep all your receipts on paper when you have a powerful computer on your pocket.


You can only start marketing to the end user once you have your first client, since you’re marketing a better experience for the customer of your customer. It makes sense to show to that end user that he has an alternative to having a pile of text receipts at home (hint: that’s the main benefit for the end user)

You’ll need an online strategy (duh) based on social media and I would also go with banner ads (since you can target your client’s website, competitor’s websites and related sites). On social media you can also target people who like your customer as well as their competitors.

Another marketing channel will be your customer’s stores, since they benefit from the biggest number of people using the app, it’s in their best interest to advertise the app.

Go on, make this idea happen and then write me an email once you have it going! You’ll have to adjust and change things around, but I think this can be a huge business.

Get creative with it and go out and talk to possible clients, they are the one who can help you the most!

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