Wounded Warrior.

I had a chat with a friend today and we were talking about life and what our plans are for the future.A lot of people go through life without knowing whether there is even a future that lies ahead for them.They just proceed blindly and i have to say that I have been here before.I thought of myself and the kind of man that I would want in my life,to be the father to my children,my friend,the head of our house,the love of my life and above all,my eternity partner.Most women find it hard to get a man as they are always looking for the perfect man.A man from a well of family,a man who is dent less,a man who knows no poverty,a tall dark/light-skinned and handsome man,a man who will love without boundaries,a man who is a neat freak,a man who owns a fleet of cars and large pieces of land.What people don't know is that people go through different paths to get to where they want to be.How rough or smooth the path is depends on the one traveling it.I don't blame the ladies who want it all because I was once there,when I was foolish and blind,when i thought the world rotated around me….

Today I thought of my man.He is imperfect but I find my perfection in and through him.He has seen bad days and on good days,he knows not what a father figure is,he has been at a point where hope was just but a dream,he knows the definition of pain is at his finger tips.He has once lost everything and there was nothing more to be lost than himself.He has secrets that he has only revealed to me,he has his past walking beside him,his heart is wounded and he cries within and all I can see is…

I love him as he is.He loves me,he complements me,he dreams with me,he walks with me,he has won my shoe and knows where it pinches,he uplifts me,he carries me when I have become too weary to carry my own weight.He is my wounded warrior and I will help him heal.I will share in his pain and take away the sorrows.I will build a home with him,I will bear children for him,I will be his source of encouragement when he comes home stripped to the ground by the world.He may be a wounded warrior but he is my wounded warrior and I will help him heal.We will look back one day and say,

If love had rules,we broke them all,
If love had games,we played them all,
If had moves,we moved to them all,
Because him and I were made for each other,
Two souls meant for each other,two hearts beating for each other.

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