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Why wove

Having run a design business for over 20 years, of late we found that the nature and range of what we’re being asked to help with has been expanding rapidly. For the last number of years the majority of our work has been concerned with helping people navigate growing complexity, untangle their most knotty challenges and incubate their most ambitious ideas.

Just like everything else that’s happening in the world, the challenges and opportunities facing businesses and organisations are becoming more complex, connected and fast moving. Trying to solve these in straight lines, silos and with traditional thinking has become unproductive.

To tackle this growing complexity we’ve enjoyed having to evolve our ways of working. Growing and adapting our tools and processes to keep up with the speed of change. Collaborating with a widening range of people to ensure success across projects. Working more closely to help everyone navigate the process of change.

Bringing our skills to these unique challenges means that we’re involved in designing an expanding range of things — business, brand and operational models, products and services, interactions and experiences, tools and frameworks. And then crucially bringing these things together to create more unique organisations, that have more valuable interactions in the real and digital worlds.

We’ve been quietly applying this thinking to our own business, and as of January 2020 are excited to introduce our new form. Wove has been established to tackle these fast evolving challenges. To develop new opportunities, value and ways forward. And to help our clients forge direction, build relevance, increase productivity and make sustained positive impact. For their business, their team and their customers.

We’re looking forward to getting started.



Untangling knotty challenges, incubating ambitious ideas

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