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Noelle Silver Discussed Building Responsible Applied AI At Scale

How can enterprises build responsible AI models that serve mass audiences?

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The heart of responsible AI

Noelle summed up the essence of responsible AI quite nicely as “someone who cares about responsible development of technology solutions” and a responsible engineer. Responsible AI is asking more questions. She also emphasized the importance of asking why such a model came to life and where they got the data and how they trained the model.

  • How did we get these results?
  • Whose data are we using?
  • Do we have permission to use that data?
  • Does it represent the audience that consumers might presume it represents?

4 principles to build responsible AI models

Having inclusive engineering teams:

As explained by Noelle, inclusive doesn’t just mean ethnicity. Rather it’s more about creating a symphony of people of experiences and neurodiversity.


Noelle stressed that multi-modality is where the power is. Combining multiple sensory and communicative modes to build an inclusive solution that can make a huge impact should be the ultimate goal.

“How do I combine all of these models together to create a richness in the solution that many people have never seen before?”

Individual accountability

Noelle claimed that as a data scientist, she focused on responsibility. She took it upon herself to make sure when she build software that scales to hundreds or millions of people, her models actually serve that many people.

Learn by doing

In the AI space, there are classically-trained data scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians and there are enthusiasts who didn’t receive that kind of training. Believing in the power of learning by doing, Noelle Silver encouraged anyone who is working in the field or wants to work in AI to get acquainted with artificial intelligence by building the technology themselves.



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