Just 8 Lines

Is what Quartz needs to wow you in their iOS app.

8 lines of brilliance

Here they are, the first 8 lines of text you’ll encounter in Quartz’s iOS app. They’re line-by-line brilliant, and here’s why:

  1. “Hey there.” - Who doesn’t like hello — the universal salutation? Especially when it arrives after a split second of pretend-typing. Oh the anticipation!
  2. “Thanks for…” - You’re welcome. Ah, so that’s what this app is about!
  3. “…you can respond below 👇 by tapping” - I see. I get messages and I respond by tapping buttons at the bottom of the screen that are close to my thumb. Easy! And btw, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I press shiny blue button — and now I’ve learned by doing.
  4. “Yep, like that!” - Thanks for the positive reinforcement.
  5. “Open the app whenever…” - That’s a great suggestion on what I can do. Of course I want the most important and most interesting news from around the globe.
  6. “…notifications…” - Notifications that are fun? I believe you but I still don’t want them. Thanks for asking it in such a fun and unique way. It’s refreshing.
  7. 👈 Swipe over there…” - So that’s how I get to settings. I’ll remember that. Thanks for teaching me one thing at a time, because I would’ve forgotten if you told me earlier. And btw, thanks again(!) for pointing me in the right, eh… left, direction.
  8. “Are you ready to get started?” - Yes! But wait, what’s the other, less enthusiastic “I guess so” option? Could it lead to some sort of animated gif because they’re so hot on the internet right now? Hmmmm…

So there you have it. The wow & why of Quartz onboarding. You never knew so much psychology was involved, did you?

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