Introduction the WOX Network

The main platform of WOX.Network consists of five major parts:

1. WOX blockchain that aim to bridge the multiple blockchains.
2. A cross-chain decentralize exchange that will integrate with WOX blockchain to support all PoS and PoW algorithms and also its tokens.
3. A decentralized cryptocurrency payment system based on WOX blockchain that shopping customers will be able to pay via multiple cryptocurrencies in WOX blockchain.
4. A centralize exchange backed by BTCBear cryptocurrency exchange platform.
5. Payment gateway for merchants.

WOX blockchain and Cross-chain exchange:

Peoples will be able to send and receive transaction with multiple PoS and PoW algorithms and different blockchains without third-party interference.

Imagine person A owned 100000 TRX and needs to DASH, in the meantime person B owned 25 DASH and needs to TRX, given that situation they most using a centralized exchange platform.

Let’s see how much fees they will pay for that transaction when they use a centralized exchange:

Imagine both of A and B reserved their coins on their private wallet

1. Send coins to centralized exchange wallet (Network fees deducted)

2. Person A: Trade TRX to Bitcoin in market price (Exchange fees deducted)

3. Person A: Trade Bitcoin to DASH in market price (Exchange fees deducted)

4. Send coins to private wallet (Network fees deducted)

Every person on cryptocurrency market involved in this process every day, so imagine how much fees you will pay to centralized exchanges and also how much is your transaction fees?!

With WOX blockchain you don’t need to do 4 above process. You need to have a one-time private address on your DEX wallet and you will be able to send or receive any kind of coins with different blockchain technologies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, NEO, Tron, Cardano and more in a real cross-chain decentralized exchange platform.

Decentralized Payment System — DEPS:

We provide a full-innovative and high-quality payment gateway for online merchants.

WOX DEPS protocol built backed by BTCBear decentralized payment gateway.

With BTCBear Decentralized cryptocurrency payment gateway we will resolve volatility, scalability and fees problems. This mechanism allows arbitrary set of users to create payment fields that process extremely low latency transactions. Therefore, users can make transactions almost immediately and since all transactions will be conducted within the platform, transaction costs will be reduced by several orders of magnitude. That’s not all, scalability which refers to how the system capacity is increased by adding more physical resources will also be ensured.

Other features:

- Hybrid Exchange

- Cross-chain transaction on WOX Network

- Accepting multiple cryptocurrencies

- Private API

- SMS payment alert

- One-time private payment address for each API connection

- E-mail confirmation

- E-commerce plugins

- User will able to transfer funds from payment system to centralize exchange with redeem code

- History

- Address books

Hybrid Exchange under payment system:

Hybrid exchange allows the merchants to receive fiat money with accepting different type of cryptocurrencies from their customers.

Imagine a shopping client will buy a t-shirt via Bitcoin and shopping owner will receive fiat money in its account on BTCBear payment system.


So why I use “hybrid exchange” feature on my shopping website? I will use fiat payment gateway!

Most of peoples who worked with cryptocurrencies they know cryptocurrency is easy and cheapest way to pay, they are not interested to pay extra VAT or extra fees to buy a t-shirt or digital staffs or anything else.

Centralize Exchange:

Cryptocurrency traders will be able to buy and sell their coins and assets/tokens in BTCBear centralized exchange platform.

BTCBear will be implement a full-feature version of cryptocurrency trading software with these features:

1. Web-based trading
- Spot trading
- Margin trading
- P2P Lending platform
- Mirror trading (BTCBear’ Innovation)
- Different order types:
Market order
Limit order
Fill or Kill
Trailing stop
IceBerg or Hidden order
2. Mobile app trading

People have the right to choose a centralized and decentralized exchange and payment system with WOX Blockchain laboratory, WOX aim to build a revolutionary financial technology for the future.

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