Next generation decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

Atomic Swap Exchange With Multiple Public and Private Blockchains or Different Cryptocurrencies

There are countless centralized exchange which allowing to their users to saving cryptocurrency or trading different cryptocurrencies to another one in an unsafe centralized platform.

In fact, centralized exchanges acting as a trusted third party that is in contradiction with the basics of cryptography and Bitcoin vision also!

In a centralized exchanges, users saving their funds and crypto assets on a server (Hot wallet) or in a third party RISKY cold storage wallet.

WHY Cold Wallet is RISKY?

Who knows cold storage passwords and pin codes in case of death of Co-founder exchange?!

Remember QuadrigaCX:

It made headlines all over the globe after the reported sudden death of its founder resulted in the loss of $134 million of users’ funds.

At the time, the exchange noted it had lost access to the funds as a result of its founder Gerald Cotten’s sudden passing, claiming the majority of the holdings were kept offline, in cold storage, and only Cotten knew the private keys to the accounts.

Cryptocurrency Market Needs to A Revolutionary Technology

Every Txout and Txin on WOX network will be processed without the intervention of a third-party and cryptocurrencies/assets will be storing in a safest place instead of a centralized exchange.

WOX.Network is BTCBear’ cryptocurrency blockchain laboratory and WOX its own Blockchain and a new exchange protocol that aim to build a REVOLUTIONARY Financial Technology and A new Blockchain that will allows users to get a cross-chain exchange between two different cryptocurrencies with different public and private blockchain technology which is not matter users owned Bitcoin, Altcoins or ERC20 tokens or TRC20 tokens or even stablecoins.

WOX protocol will be integrate with BTCBear cryptocurrency DEX.

BTCBear DEX architecture:

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