WOX Tokenomic and Details

Morteza Rezaei
Mar 26 · 3 min read

WOX Network is BTCBear’ Blockchain Laboratory and It’s Token Sale event to funding discovering something new technology on the blockchain space and development a high-quality decentralize exchange and payment system based on WOX Blockchain.

WOX on private and public sale:

WOX token deployed on ERC20 token and smart contract system, based on Ethereum protocol.

BTCBear founders aim to launch its own Token Sale Offering for the safest investment. Token sale participants are investors, those who will pay ETH and will receive tokenized shares that is represented by WOX token.

WOX coin or WOX is native coin of WOX blockchain and protocol when mainnet launched.

Token Distribution

25% Public Sale 25% Retained by Company 10% Private Investors 20% Foundation 5% Advisors 8% Reward Pool

Funds allocation

49% Market Liquidity 19% Development 11% Marketing Plans and PR 9% Security 8% International Expansion 4% Legal Cost

Token Sale Details:

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens will be issued

Private Sale Duration: TBA

Token available on Private Sale: 100,000,000 WOX

WOX = $0.030

Hard Cap: $3,000,000

The minimum amount allowed contributing in Private Sale: $50,000 or Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin, Stablecoin equivalent

Unsold tokens in Private Sale (Private investors and VC) will be sold during public sale

Public Sale (IEO) Duration: 5–30 Days

Token available: 250,000,000 WOX

WOX Network Exchange rate: $0.048

Hard Cap: $12,000,000 or equivalent

The minimum amount allowed contributing in Public sale: $100 or equivalent


Team developers and advisors are granted by tokens.

Tokens are generated within 15 days after the token sale ends.

Advisors can only assign or sell 30% of their tokens in 365 natural days after the token sale ends. 70% will be lock-up for 2 years.

Founder’s token’ will be lock-up for 3 years.

Unsold and Unallocated tokens will be burned after the tokensale event. No further WOX tokens will be generated after the Main sale ends.

Token Burn strategy:

At least, 20% — 40% of the net revenue will be applied to the buy-back of WOX Network every quarter and destroy [Burn tokens] them, thus eliminating them from the circulating supply. We will continue our efforts in this regard, until 500 million WOX destroyed.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding WOX lab or anything else.

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Hybrid Intelligence Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange and Payment system - Financial Revolution

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Hybrid Intelligence Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange and Payment system - Financial Revolution