Art and design, a love o’ mine

I’ve loved drawing ever since I was a youngin; for the first few years of my life I expressed my artistry with pen and crayon on our walls and TV. My love for drawing SKYROCKETED once I discovered anime at the age of 7. I began doodling constantly, papers strewn all over the wood floor as I sat there drawing for hours. The bulk of my art was of original anime-style characters, and that really got me into character design. I had become a really imaginative baby artist, putting lots of thought into a character’s hair, personality, and style.

Some drawings circa 2011–2012

I became known as the art girl in my elementary school classes. During recess, small crowds of children would gather around me to watch my doodling action.

However, I didn’t only express my love for design through drawing. While discussing in a breakout room with some writing pals, I realized that a huge chunk of my creativity and artistry was channeled into and cultivated by THE SIMS 3!

I began playing The Sims 3 when I was 8, and I fell in love with it. I currently have 2,000+ hours on it because it’s so god-tier. Throughout my childhood, I was obsessed with designing sims. I put so much thought and care into selecting every facial feature, every article of clothing, every personality trait. I gave them backstories. I named them. I loved it. The game gave me so much creative freedom and I had control over every detail. My imagination and my passion for character design grew stronger.

I also loved to design houses in The Sims. I spent HOURS every day building the perfect house for my sim. I thoughtfully picked out decorations, wall colors, flowers, everything. I’ve constructed hundreds of The Sims houses by now, and it has definitely taught me lots about personalization and good design.

some screenshots of a beautiful cozy home I built in The Sims 3

I still draw and play The Sims 3 today, although not as frequently as when I was little. My drawings now are mostly of myself and/or my friends, because I draw the most inspiration from the people around me who I love. I also make a lot of art about how I feel. This has been especially therapeutic when I’m going through rough mental health spots. Here’s some of my work:

Some art from 2016
2019 stuff
recent pieces

Drawing is a huge part of my intellectual identity because it gave me patience, attention to detail, and the ability to express myself/my ideas without words. My childhood love for the The Sims 3 shaped me into a meticulous artist with a love for design, customization, and creative freedom. Both forms of my art have taught me to be thoughtful with my creative choices and deeply passionate for what I make. In school, I often incorporate my artistry into work that isn’t necessarily creative. Art has given me the perseverance to really pour my heart into my work for hours, and the determination to make a finished product I’m happy with. The art I’ve made from childhood to today, whether on a piece of paper or on a video game screen, allowed me to blossom into an intellectual who puts energy, love, and care into everything I produce. Also, the Sims 3 is way better than the Sims 4 and I am willing to fight anyone who thinks otherwise.



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