Emergency Committee Nominees & Alternates

Sep 11, 2018 · 4 min read
Land in a new territory is auctioned off in this tent (California, 1904)

The purpose of the Emergency Committee, as it’s currently referred to, is to provide oversight on progress of approved proposals, review new urgent or emergency proposals, and to oversee the receipt of proposals for new governance structures. To learn more about our worker proposal system plan, read the August announcement.

The nominees are from several different areas of the community, including existing working group volunteers, block producer team members, award-winning developers and outspoken community members. The characteristics of nominee selection were:

  • A strong community presence;
  • Visible integrity;
  • Good communication skills in at least one of the three main languages;
  • Representative of geographical diversity;
  • Having an existing role as an independent thought leader;
  • Displaying both strongly held beliefs and an exhibited ability to change one’s mind; and,
  • Having a willingness to do the often difficult and thankless work.

Anand, Gautam

Gautam is a hands-on technical leader who has built software projects from the ground up — that includes building rapid prototypes, running developer teams, and providing guidance at the management level. His deep expertise is in designing and developing scalable solutions (micro-service architecture) for web applications. He is proactive in the Singapore blockchain developer community, is a 3x Winner of Blockchain Hackathons (2018) and now contributes to some core projects.

Lee Kiho / 이기호 / Eddie

EddieYi is an expert in corporate & business strategy, and has worked at several start-ups for multiple years. He is one of the co-founders of Todait, Inc. which provides mobile application service, and is doing blockchain research for the Korean community at EtherStudy(이더리움연구회). He is very enthusiastic about the EOS ecosystem, so he is currently working on bpRatings.io to promote competition, transparency, and fairness in the EOS ecosystem.

Kim Naeun / 김나은 / Orchid

A team member of EOSYS, Naeun leads the EOS Evangelist Group, conducts research on EOS, and manages UX projects with global companies. She has a masters degree in Cognitive Science from Yonsei University, HCI Lab.

Levine, Dan

Dan has been an entrepreneur, engineer and advocate for mission driven consumer and media technology platforms for the past 15 years. At the start of 2017, he left Silicon Valley to explore full time the evolution of community with blockchain technology. His passion lies at the intersection of community, consciousness, creativity and technology.

Margulies, David / doghouse

David is a consumer lending veteran with a focus on FinTech. He has worked mainly in Asia and has a track record with liaising across borders and cultures in order to deliver results. Most recently, he has overseen the management of two financial startups which focus on cloud computing and identity management.

Pahalahti, Samuli / Samupaha

Samuli is a libertarian activist and a blockchain enthusiast who is especially interested in governance, economics and game theory. He has been following the advancement of the blockchain scene since 2010.

Shi Ricky / 施瑞琦

Co-founder of EOS Cannon, Founder and Director of @BYSTAKE, and 胖哥说币 (Chubby Boy Cryptocurrency Talkshow) blogger owner; many years experiences from working in IBM Datayes as a senior technology and full stack engineer. As a serial startup entrepreneur, he has overseen the design, development and operation of multiple web products.

Xu Ke / 徐可

Ke Xu is the CEO and founder of ONO and CryptoDogs. A serial entrepreneur with her first experience in blockchain as a Bitcoin miner, Ke Xu previously founded ERA, a social network with 10 million users sold to Cheetah Mobile. Ke studied at the University of California, Riverside and the University College London.

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EOS Worker Proposals

We are a volunteer collective dedicated to designing a Worker Proposal System on EOSIO.


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EOSphere | Melbourne, Australia

EOS Worker Proposals

We are a volunteer collective dedicated to designing a Worker Proposal System on EOSIO.

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