How to add liquidity to WZEC on Uniswap

Do you want to trade or provide liquidity for wrapped Zcash (WZEC) on Uniswap? In this tutorial we will show you how you can easily add liquidity to a pool on Uniswap to earn a return on your WZEC.

Before you begin please ensure the following:

  • You have a browser with Metamask installed (Chrome and Brave work well for this purpose).
  • Your address you’ll use on MetaMask is already funded with some ETH to pay for gas costs associated with the necessary transactions during the swap process.

You can begin by going to and clicking the Launch app button or by directly navigating to the decentralized exchange interface:

You’ll need to click the Connect to a wallet button in the upper right hand corner and then your MetaMask app will allow you to authorize which address you’d like to use.

From here you should choose Pool from the top menu which will be the section of Uniswap where you can add liquidity.

To get started, click Add liquidity.

You will need to choose two inputs to add liquidity. In this case one of the inputs should be USDC, which is in the default token list. For this tutorial we will also select WZEC. This will not be available in the default list so you will need to complete a few steps to select it.

To find WZEC or any of’s wrapped tokens you’ll need to adjust your token list as shown below. Click the dropdown menu under Select a Token and click change.

In the Add a list field type the following: wrapped.tokensoft.eth

Scroll through the list and you’ll see the list called Wrapped Tokens and you can select it to view the full list.

After you make your selection of WZEC and USDC as your tokens to add liquidity with and approve them both for use you will be presented with a summary of what your transaction and liquidity addition will result in relating to your overall share of the liquidity pool and expected rewards from fees.

Finally you will click the Supply button and your liquidity of WZEC and USDC will be added to the pool. All you have to do now is sit back and await your rewards to come in.

Of course you can withdraw your tokens at any time minus any relevant fees by clicking Manage from the mail Pool page.

Congratulations! You are now a WZEC liquidity provider on Uniswap!

WZEC is made possible in partnership with, Tokensoft and Anchorage.

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