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Wrestling Stories

A Wrestling Poem

by Patrick Lockwood

Do you think I am just a jock
Then you only know me like 6 o’clock
People think I’m just a jock and into joking
You should get to know me, start poking

Sure I am a joker and into sports
But not everything is about the court
If you really know me you know I care about school
School is what really makes you cool

I do well in school and care about my grade
Good grades is what really gets you paid
So don’t judge me by first glance
Get to know me give me a chance

Patrick Lockwood is an eighth grader in Minneapolis where he is a second year varsity wrestler. He is the first eighth grader to qualify for the state tournament in the history of Washburn High School, and the first qualifier of any grade since 2003. Patrick also competes in baseball and is an aspiring author.

Originally published at wrestlingstories.org.



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Wrestling Stories

Wrestling Stories

Celebrating wrestling through story.