Lists Changed My Life

Feb 22, 2020 · 5 min read
Photos: Betterish

Raise your hand if you use the Notes feature on your phone.

1. Lists help me organize my thoughts.

2. Lists help me re-focus.

3. Lists help boost my productivity and self-esteem (is there anything more satisfying than checking things off a list? In my world: nope.)

Left: photo by Liz Birnbaum, Right: Photo by Betterish at Betterish HQ

But here we are, five months later, and I’m still using it regularly.


Left: photo by Will Hunter, Right: list by Betterish

Q: How is Wribbn different from Pinterest?

Q: Why not just use your Notes feature?

Q: How often are you using each list?

Guest Writer:

Emily Hope Dobkin, Founder & CEO of Betterish


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