Lists Changed My Life

Feb 22, 2020 · 5 min read
Photos: Betterish

Raise your hand if you use the Notes feature on your phone.

Well maybe not exactly those, but you get the gist…

Those are the types of things that can be found in my Notes, and yet I need to keep track of so much more: a variety of links to local places I want to check out, inspiring quotes, promo codes, books to read, and random things of note like ideas sparked from thoughtful conversations with friends and colleagues.

As a creative person whose mind is often reeling with a plethora of ideas, visions, dreams and schemes, I attribute list making to keeping me sane. That’s no exaggeration. In addition to that Notes feature on my phone, I avidly keep a weekly to-do list, a daily priority list, and I even have a wall in my studio that’s practically painted in post-it notes. You name it, I list it.

In moments of overwhelm, the number one thing that alleviates my stress and anxiety is making a list. When I say “lists save lives,” it might sound like a hyperbole of sorts, but I honestly mean it. Here’s how lists have actually saved my life:

1. Lists help me organize my thoughts.

2. Lists help me re-focus.

3. Lists help boost my productivity and self-esteem (is there anything more satisfying than checking things off a list? In my world: nope.)

Left: photo by Liz Birnbaum, Right: Photo by Betterish at Betterish HQ

When I learned about the Wribbn app, my list-tacular nerdy side was beyond thrilled. But I’ll be real with you: I’m not one to stick to using apps beyond Instagram and Spotify. Despite the chaotic state of my studio (and really any space I inhabit), I’m a real minimalist when it comes to apps. The work that I do is grounded in making more meaningful face-to-face connections among people, so I’ve grown pretty intentional and more mindful with my screen time. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how long this app would actually last on my phone.

But here we are, five months later, and I’m still using it regularly.


Left: photo by Will Hunter, Right: list by Betterish

I also appreciate that Wribbn lists can easily be share-able and collaborative. My friend and I actually planned an entire creative retreat using the Wribbn app (stay tuned for that blog post in March 2020).

And honestly: Wribbn lists are just way prettier than the mess that lives in my notes feature.

Naturally, because I love this app, I am telling lots of folks about it. Having had those conversations, I thought it would be helpful to wrap this post by sharing the top three questions I’ve received about Wribbn:

Q: How is Wribbn different from Pinterest?

Q: Why not just use your Notes feature?

Q: How often are you using each list?

For me, Wribbn can be a brainstorming space (see: Crooked Path Retreat, the WE House), an archive and library (see Playlists), a platform for all my travel planning that then become recommendations (see my Santa Fe, New Orleans, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia and Denver lists), and an all around aesthetically pleasing reminder zone (see: Books To Read, Explore More).

What can it be for you?

Guest Writer:

Emily Hope Dobkin, Founder & CEO of Betterish


Dreaming meets doing.

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