Mass Modern

Richard Wright
Jul 31, 2018 · 3 min read

In many ways, this is my favorite auction of the season. It is a low pressure (really, no pressure) sale where part of the fun is seeing if you can get to a 100% sold rate. The auction is inclusive allowing new clients to get involved and experience a sale for a modest amount of money. And sometimes, we even get an audience in the room — a rarity in this digital age.

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Mass Modern is a mixture of items that have failed to sell throughout the year as well as a bit of a scratch and dent sale with the equivalent of showroom samples being sold off. Consignors do not want to take back these pieces and want to see them sold at any price. The piggy bank is the key to the sale. The lack of reserves means pieces can, and some will, sell for $25. Bargains are the rule of the day. The sale is weighted in favor of the buyers. One consignor archly quipped that the sale should be called Mass Murder.

A few pointers to keep in mind — condition reports should be consulted and questions asked prior to bidding. The quality of the sale is mixed and some items are definitely damaged, etc. so extra care should be taken prior to bidding. We can and do send extra images out and our specialists are available to answer questions just like with any sale. We do a full preview prior to the auction, so if you are in Chicago please stop by.

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Bidding starts at $25 unless there are competing bids (multiple absentee bids) then the bidding starts at a higher level based on those amounts. Because of all this bidding, the sale is slow and long. It will be held over two days and patience is rewarded. The best way to find your bargain is to review all the pieces that you might be interested in. You can follow along all day and bid live as they come up and see if one or two fall through the cracks. Being prepared is the best way to get a deal.

Mass Modern has furnished dorm rooms and first apartments. It has stocked eBay sellers and 1stdibs vendors. Wright staff have been known to throw in a bid or two as well — and why not, everyone deserves a deal every now and then.

I hope you will join us on some hot summer days for the fun sale of the season.

View lots from Day 1 and Day 2 of the 2018 Mass Modern auction today.


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